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Becoming a 'ho.
Panda Kiss
Well, yet another strange conversation with work-mates.

A friend of mine - let's call him 'Crusty' - has recently come back to work after having a heart attack. He's hating work already (which, considering the amount of work they want to to do, without any easing it time, is understandable.) He was grumbling about how crappy he was feeling when he walked into the waters lab, where someone was playing 50 cent's P.I.M.P, and hearing the song made him think about how bad rap makes him happy.

So he decided to become a pimp.

And since he has decided to become a pimp, we now have to call him by the name "P Nuddy". And since he has the name, he - of course - needs the girls. So he came up to me and said "Lash! I'm gonna be a pimp!! Wanna be one of my ho's?"

I'm not doing anything this weekend, so I said. "Why not?" He ended up with 5 of us agreeing to let him to the boss. Although he had better come up with a better split in money than 75/25!

Between this and the 'back, crack and sack' wax discussion the other night I am seriously starting to wonder about us. If anyone from HR ever walked in on one of our conversations I can see many many hours of lectures on appropriate behaviour in the workplace.

Oh - and if I don't get back on here after the weekend...I guess P Nuddy won't have been joking about Friday night. Or at least tell me what he meant when he said I'd have to do a "Cinderella" on a guy....

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Shall I prepare to do an international wire transfer for bail? Just in case? ; )

No need to prepare bail money. I always carry taxi fare/bail money in two different currencies on me for all occasions. :g:

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