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Why Not I Say
I'm starting my days off today, and I'm feeling daring and brave and productive all at once. So, I'm giving that drabble thingy that's going around LJ a go.

Leave a comment with a drabble request, pairing or character-based. Give me one line of dialogue to be written in the drabble/ficlet (100-500 words). After you comment, put this meme in your own journal. (Or if you've already done so, I don't imagine you have to do it again.)

I'll write Mag7, SG:1 or Due South.

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Ooh, go on and do me an Ezra.

The line: "Well, while it's true I've never been accused of sabbatarianism, even I have limits."

You don't like to make things easy, do you :g: Give me a day to get my Ezra-voice right and "prepare to be amazed"

:-) Looking forward to it!

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