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The Latest on the Boy

Yes, I have an update already! But, it's not a good one.

I need an intervention; my work-mates cannot believe how badly I am handling the matter. I tell them - any of them - what happened today and they all have the same response.

"Aw, You didn't?!" Well, I did. And I am fully expecting any of you to metaphorically beat me over the head with a live tuna when you hear this sad and sorry tale.

I haven't seen the boy for almost a week. So this means I've been practising what I was going to say when I saw him next for almost a week. And at 0820 this morninig he walked into the lab with some samples for me. I smiled a lovely friendly big smile, took a breath and said....


Howdy. Frickin' howdy. Half-way though saying the word out loud I was saying to myself "Well shit. I'm not having sex anytime this century." The only people who have sex after saying "Howdy" are cowboys. And most times the "Howdy" recipient are their horses. Or red-coated gamblers who are horrifed they know someone that uses the word "Howdy."

Howdy. I even said it with a bit of a 'cowboy drawl', just to add that little bit extra to it. 'Cause, by itself it just wasn't dorky enough. :shakes head at self.:

So all day I've had my friends walking up to me and going "Howdy, pard'ner" and then running off in a fit of gleeful laughter.

And to be extra helpful, they've written on the walls things for me to say next time. Handy things like "Hello" or "Hi" or "How's your day going?". Written in permanent marker on the walls. I'm hoping it actually helps.

On the plus side, I am talking to the guy. The last guy I really liked like this I had only gotten to the 'head nod-eyebrow wise' with him. And that took me 6 months. This guy - we're at the talking stage in only two weeks.

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