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Looking for a job...
Still looking for a new job. I'm signed up to all these employment web sites that send you jobs that fit your critera, and it's amazing what comes under the "Lab Technician" Umbrealla. A jobs well a job title - caught my eye today.


So being the nosey parker I am, I went and checked it out further.

Essential: Minimum High School Certificate; Good Communication skills; Completion of 12 months training for Apprentice Artificial Eye Maker or Dental Technician.
Desirable: Previous experience as an artificial eye maker; Medical terminology; Laboratory Experience.

How on earth do you get to be an Apprentice to an Artifical Eye Maker? And what's the connection between Artifical Eye Making and Dental Work? Have I been wrong all these years - is the eye bone connected to the jaw bone? And the hip bone is connected to the arm bone?

I'm just baffled by this. I cannont imagine who would want to make eyes? When someone is five, do y'think instead of wanting to be a fireman, they're wishing to be eye-making??

What an interesting sounding job that would be. I wish I had eye making experience.

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I just wish I knew the connection between the two!

Ummm, best I can think is Dental Technicians make dentures? Maybe?? ::scratching head::

Y'know, Erika, if this is your dream job, I say go for it! I mean, how many chances do we get to live out our fondest dreams? ; )

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