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I rock even when I'm not trying

Seriously. I rock. I rock possibly even the Casbah.

I'm in a footy tipping comp back home. (AFL footy to be precise, though it is in the heart of League country). And I'm doing, well, to be frank, piss-poor. I know not a thing about the game, though I do love where the goal you get when you don't actually get it through the main goal posts is called a behind. How many other games do you know where "Behinds kicked" is officially tallied??

Since I know so little about the game I put the entire years worth of tips in at the start of the season. 24 weeks worth of tips before the teams have even started to play. 'Cause, being the total girl that I am, I pick teams on the colours of their geurnseys and the attractiveness of the captains. And whichever team is playing Eddie McGuire Collingwood.

And somehow - even though I am a girl and I put all my picks to win in about three months ago - I topped picking the round this week. This means out of the 48 people in the tipping competition I picked the most winners, and the margin. (Well, I was closest to the margin. Only got it wrong by 5)

I'll win about 20 dollars (Australian) for this. So Yay! to me for that.

I may have won back some of my brothers respect with this little moment of glory. He was so ashamed that I had done my tips in one foul sweep at the start. So embarrassed he offered to do the tips for me. He was already having trouble with the fact at the time I was bottom of the ladder and he's one of the top 5 tipsters.

For the record, I'm know coming 38th.

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