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Why not 27 year old strippers?

I went to a birthday party last tonight. Had a great time with my friends, and even though I had decided this afternoon that I was tired, and was almost not going to go I was - once again - among the last to leave. While I wasn't drinking (until almost the very end) my friends were, so we ended up doing the "drunken-girls-must-sing-and-dance-and-play". We were... well trying to rock, and I did my dancing pants moves for the gals since it was so much fun.

My dancing pants caught the eyes of a couple of the guys there, and they loved it so much they wanted more. Honestly, I wanted to be flattered by their leers, and their suggestions I get closer and give them a private dance. The thing of it is though... I wasn't. It kinda made me feel dirty, and not in that good way that a guy can make you feel if he looks at you as if you're the only woman in the world and if he doesn't kiss you right there and then he'll regret the rest of his life. These men were, well, the type that should be wearing raincoats in the middle of a drought in summer if you get my drift.

I don't mean to be shallow, but if they were only 40 years younger and two-thirds their body weight I may have been more likely to give them the lap dance they asked for. ( and they did ask for one.) Heck, my friends - all beautful women (and women men are more likely to look at then me) - did a dance and the guys said "nice, but not as good as your friend's."

After that I started drinking the Kiwi Margarita's.

I know I shouldn't, but sometimes....., sometimes I just feel like I will never find a guy who likes me. Other than men old enough to be my grandfather, and look like the kind of man you'll see on "Australia's Most Wanted." I don't want much. I just want - well, this isn't the time nor place for that, and no matter how many Kiwi Margarita's I drank before going home, I won't be finishing this thought here.

i just wish my life was as good as my friends think it is. I'm lonely.

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