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Just some boring blatherings
Streetwalker From Cycnus
Just went to the gym for the first time in days.... make that first time in four months. Wow - I forgot how good it felt to feel all worn out and sore all over. I feel Very Accomplished. Now I just need to get back in the habit, and then I'll be less worn out and sore with chicken wings for arms and more fit and healthy with less-like-chicken wings for arms.

Just found a Lab job that's fly in/fly out of Adlaide. 2 weeks on, one week off. The closing date for it isn't until the 15th July, but I'm tempted. Fly in/fly out pays ridiculously well, and there would be the added bonus of family in Adelaide. I still haven't heard back from the ALS people on lining up the actual interveiw, which is starting to worry me. Decisions, decisions...

Work is work. Blah. On the plus side "for the short term" (my boss' exact words) I shall be doing the Refinery role, which means no night shifts. Yay for that. Would be nice to know how long "the short term is".

Important bit here

I've just realised I left three things off my list of happy things. And the kicker is they're the three things that made me want to write the list in the first place. What kind of tosser am I that I would forget the very thing I wanted to do.

Don't answer that.

So anyway, here they are - three more of my happy's.

* Keys. Really old keys that more than likely no longer have locks to open. I love the brassy look of them. I could hold them for hours, making up stories of who owned them, and what secrets they wanted kept hidden away from the rest of the world.

* The veins in the arms of men. Send shivers down my spine right into my toes every single time. And it doesn't matter what the guy looks like - if he has the vein thing....yum.

* Deliberately mis-singing song lyrics. 'Cause every Australian knows you can't catch a train from Sydney to Hong Kong, but we sing it regardless. But singing loudly and with pride (and a voice that would strip barbed wire) fills my with a glee that I remember from when I was four.

Got a busy day today, going out to lunch with friends. So I'd better finish getting ready.

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Keys! ::gleeful laughter:: I so have a keys fetish! I've been known to buy 'em in flea markets just 'cause I love 'em!

Hey, good luck on the job hunting/pondering. Sounds like lots of opportunities are popping up.

Okay, it's starting to freak me out how much we seem to have in common. I thought I was the only person with a weird key fetish.

BTW, I'm house-sitting at the 'mo, so if you don't hear from me, it 'cause the deaf dog doesn't like me sitting at the comp (which is right next to a window). A barking deaf dog is a hideous noise - he can't control his pitch or volume, so I try to be extra quick on the 'net. But I'm around.

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