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Requests o' friends of mine??
Life. Love. Arithmatic
Going on the radio today (after a self-imposed hiatus), and as I usually find on days I'm going on-air I am fast losing my memory for music and artists I adore. All I can think of right now is frickin' Britney Spears. My mind is mush.

So - any one want to request a song on a radio station you can't hear? I promise to dedicate the song to you.

Only catch - due to the fact it's Community Radio the music has got to be 'family-friendly'. So, for example, there's only one Eminem song we're allowed to play before 8pm.

I'm on from 4 - 5 pm South Australian time. Come one, you know you want a song...

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Bring me some water / Melissa Etheridge

(I just bought myself a bigger glas so I don't have to walk so often to the water fountain we have at work, I think that's why I immediatly thought of that song ;-) )

My favourite song of the moment is "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence I love the whole album its my wake up music for driving in to work.

Have fun on the radio my your music list soon be filled with your favourite tunes.

I can certainly play that for you. Actually, next week I've got 6 hours to fill (two hours each on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). It's during the school holidays here, so I'd be more than willing to play a whole hour or so of just your songs - there's only so much Britney a gal can take.

you'd be doing me a huge favour requesting a heap of songs :g:

Oh wow, community radio, too cool.

Okay, songs, hmmm. How about Mad World? Pref the Donnie Darko soundtrack one, but the original will do :)

Thanks. How excitement! :D

ps. do ya have a webcast? Like Triplej?

It will most likely be the original, but I can do it.

ps. do ya have a webcast? Like Triplej? Alas and alack not as yet. There's talk of it (which would be great), and believe me, the moment it is live over the 'net you guys will be the first to hear about it.

danke and keep me posted :)

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