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The Things That Make My World Go 'Round
Panda Kiss

Banana sandwiches - 'cause when I make one I use a knife, fork and a spoon, and that just tickles me.

The smell of a Butcher's shop - a real butcher's shop, and not the deli section in a supermarket.

The feeling of sticking my hand in raw mince meat. The cold gooeiness of it. Love it.

The way babies heads smell. Especially when they still haven't got hair.

Unexpected mail. Postcards. Postcards that have nothing of substance from friends that do.

Brand new books. Huge bookshops with acres of brand new books.

The word “disconcerting”.

Goats. Any story can be improved upon with the inclusion of a goat.

Phone conversations with my brother. Any conversations with my brother - where we're both acting like we're 5.

The smell of Brute.

The smell of sweaty socks.

The way the pets of my friends are always happy to see me.

For that matter, the way my parents dog Molly gets that happy to see me it takes her exactly one week to calm down.

Bubble wrap. If anyone is ever stuck for ideas - giving me 50m of bubble wrap would make my year. Seriously. Ever danced on bubble-wrap? Bliss.

Girly shoes. I may work in an industry where steel-cap boots are the height of fashion, but give me a shoe catalogue and I'm in heaven.

My friend who does the most amazing 'Prairie Dawn' (from Seasame St) impersonation. One day she will cause me to laugh so hard I wet my pants. I kid you not.

It's occured to me that the majority - if not all - of those things that make me insanely happy really only have to do with four of the senses. Most of the things that I adore have very little to do with sight. Well, some of the things I need to see (like shoes, and dogs), but even then, if I couldn't touch, could smell the love I have for these things wouldn't be as great. I could live without seeing, say for example, the shoes. But smelling that new leather smell? Putting them on and feeling my foot stretch (and mmore than likely cramp up, and cripple me for a week :g:)? That's where all the fun is.

Hmmm, is this an unconscious decision on my part? I wear glasses; could this just be me not wanting everything I do or like having to rely on a piece of flimsy wire holding up weird-arse shaped pieces of glass?

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I'm just about to throw away several sheets of bubble wrap - should I put it into an envelope instead and send it to you? ;-)

Throw away bubble wrap?!?!? That's, that's, that's against the natural order of the universe! :g:

Put it on the ground, and walk all over it - it's feels nice, and if you can get a rhythm happening, the sounds ares pretty cool too. (Trust me, any bad day can be rapidly improved with the inclusion of bubble wrap walking)

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