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One of theses things is not like the other

Okay, I'm the first to admit I'm no Jamie Oliver in the kitchen. I wouldn't even class me as much of a domestic goddess. And I only took 1 semester of Home Economics, but I'm pretty sure that beetroot and pineapple are two completely different types of fruit/vegetables.

I went out of town yesterday to get my car fixed, so I stopped on the way home to grab a sandwich from Subway (Macca's and I have a fragile relationship; it's best not to over-step that when there shall be no toilet for 300km) Anyway, I'm merrily ordering away - always pleased when I don't make a complete tosser of myself during the complicated ordering process and decision making - when I happen to ask for beetroot on my sanger.

"We don't have beetroot," the fair service provdier answered. "but we do have pineapple. Would you like that instead?"

"No thanks." I politely responded (My mum would be so proud of my manners.)

"Are you sure?"

I was quite sure. When it comes to pineapple, I am a firm believer that it belongs in the 'sweets' family. I even order Hawiian pizza without the pineapple so strong are my 'pineapples are for dessert' beliefs.

But why would the girl make the connection between pineapple and beetroot? Did I miss an important change in the healthy food pyrmid by not taking one more semester of Home Ec? Are there any more suprises in store for me inthe future? Is ice-cream now a vegetable?

If I had asked for corn, and she had said "no, but we have peas" I may have seen her reasoning, since peas and corn off the cob look vaguely related (except that one's green, the other yellow) but I's very confused on the whole thing.

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