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Don't you hate it...
...when you're reading a WIP fanfic that's being posted, and around the time part 29 is posted you realise you don't like the fic, don't like the writers charactisations, don't even like the plot, but you're too far into the fic to just stop reading. (Wow. That was a long sentence. Sorry about that.)

That's what's happening to me right now. (I'm not going to name the fandom, but if you think I'm talking about your fic, I"m not).

Everything I don't like in a fic is happening in this particular fic, but I'm now too committed to the story to just stop. I've wasted spent too much time reading what's already been posted to not know how it ends. The fic wasn't going that badly in the first 15 parts or so. Sure, there were some glaringly large plot holes that would have blown the fic straight out of the water due to some small rather large details already covered in well-known canon, but hey - I'm a forgiving person.

But now the fic is starting to make my eyes bleed; and I can't stop reaading it.

Please, send help.

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Heh...I once finished a 75-part "epic" out of sheer mulishness. The plot was nil, the characterization was from Mars, and the grammar kept unravelling chapter by chapter. And yet, I just couldn't stop. I feel your pain.

75 parts? Wow - I'm impressed with your staying power!

There really should be a 12-step programme for us who get caught in reading such fics.

Luckily I smartened up by the time the author tackled a sequel. So consider me temporarily sobered up :-P

I would continue to read in the hope it gets better but I have given up on WIP's because they were driving me insane. I'm also really sad if someone gets half way through a story and is told its not good so stops dead or just gets bored of writing it I'm rather wary of reading WIP unless I know the author is the kind to finish it off.

Walk away leave it until finished and then try again would be the advice from here. You may actually like it once its finished off.

I'd walk away from it except for the fact I have no will-power and it's possible I'd go mad from knowing it was lurking around out there somewhere, and I'm not reading it.

I'll keep going with it until the end - the writer deserves that much at least. As to whether I like it when it is finished... doubt it very much. It's well-written - kinda - but I've never been a big fan on children OC's.

It's my own fault for starting to read it in the first place.

You should always give a story of a type you've not liked in the past a second chance just to see if it was actually the story subject or the writer that was the fault.

I have to admit I'm not a fan of Children OC's (although one of my favourite stories at the moment does contain them). They have in past pieces come to dominate the piece if not handled with caution and kept where they belong in proportion to story time.

Good luck with it coming to an end soon and stopping the eye bleeding.

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