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Colour Me Unworthy
Bad Day from faula
Just got an email from the job I went for.

My client has decided to interview two other candidates and hence the
probability of you being successful is presently very limited.

I knew there wasn't a snowball's chance I'd get an interview but it still bites. I'm having a week, that - if my life was a Disney movie - the only thing missing right now is my cat/dog/llama being hit by a car, before my life does a 180 and I win the World Series (or at least the bloody State of Origin), the guy and the Nobel Prize in at least three categories. But those last four things are unlikely (Except for the Origin. If the Blues lose that in three weeks I"ll be devastated like all New South Welsh-men will be)

I'm going to pretend that the only reason I'm not one of those two is that the company is run monkeys. Monkeys that inhale paint fumes.

I would have been an asset to the company, dammit.