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My skool progekt

On my days off this week my friends have assigned me a project*. I have to investigate on how to tell a female ant from a male ant. We are calling this "Sexing Ants."

All this has come about by me going off on one of my tangents - a friend went to kill an ant and I argued for clemancy, stating that she would be killing someone's father, someones son. She wanted to know how I knew it was male, and lo and behold the Sexing Ant project of 2004 became so.

Depending on how quickly I finish my Ezra's Private Dance fic I may even get out the cardboard and glitter and do the thing like a proper Grade Three student would do. With popiscle sticks and everything.

I haven't had a project like this since last year, when I mentioned some bizarre fact on some bizarre thing and they made me research it.

*When I say they assigned it to me, I really mean at 3am I said "I need to look this up!!" And they agreed and laughed until they fell over.

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