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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Fic Envy
You know, I just can't believe how many talented writers there are in the Stargate fandom.

I'm trying to write feedback for J/D Ficathon fic, but all my mind keeps coming up with is "Wow.", "Pretty.", and "*thud*". I think one fic made me hear colours it was so...so....

Man, these fics are amazing. I am so glad I posted my fic early; if I had waited to post it I may have had to pretend that I had died or something and hadn't got it finished.

People, whatever you are doing, drop it, turn off the phone, lock the front door and read these fics. Even if you don't normally read SG:1 fics. These fics are the reason you learnt to read.

I feel so small in a fandom of greatness.

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I managed to not succumb to any reading before finishing up and posting my fic. I knew my ego couldn't take it as I was having a hard enough time as it was! But now, for better or for worse, mine's posted and I'm gonna spend the night in a glut of fic reading! :-)

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