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JD Ficathon Entry

Well it's June 1st here, and since it's done I may as well post it. It hasn't been beta'ed but I thing I found the most glaring mistakes.

My assignment was -
LJ user: princess_bunny
Requests: Mini-Jack/Mini-Daniel
Restrictions: no extreme angst. Happy underage sex please.

I give you

“Wow! I can’t believe the got to you too.” The longhaired boy looked up from his algebra textbook to stare at the tall gangly teen.

“Excuse me?”

“The Asgarrd. I was sure after the talking to they got from cloning me they weren’t going to touch any of us, but I turn up to school today and Bam! There you were in my Modern History class.”

The boy pushed his glasses up. “I’m sorry, but have we met before?”

“Fercryingoutloud Daniel! It’s me! Jack!”

Shoving his book into his knap-sack, the boy named Daniel stood from where he was sitting under a tree in the school’s quad. Even standing, he was about a head shorter than the other student.

“I don’t know anyone by the name of Jack. Except Jack Nicholson, and I’m quite sure that you’re not him.” The loud bell tolling the end of the lunch period had the both looking at their watches. “This has been, well, yes.. it has been that. I’ve got class. Introduction to Physics.” The shorter boy started to walk off.

“Daniel, wait up.” Jack grabbed the arm of the departing boy, and awkwardly turned him around to look at him. “It’s me, Jack. I was your CO.”

“My – what?”

Jack pulled a face and made a wishy-washy gesture with his head. “You’re right. Even when I was your CO, I was never your CO. You’re too damn stubborn for that. But we were on the same team. Remember the team? SG: 1 ring any bells for ya?”

“Not really no. Can I go now? I’m going to be late, and I think we’ve having a pop quiz.”

“C’mon Danny. You’ll pass that class without even going. You’re a certified genius. You and Carter have put me to sleep at least seven times talking about Physics, introductory or otherwise.”

“Firstly, no I haven’t. Secondly, I don’t know anyone called Carter, and thirdly – “


Eyebrows shot up, before landing back down in to join the boys voice in a “uh, what?”

“Nine times you two have put me to sleep. I forgot about that time on P3X-597 and that talk you gave on Incan Leprechauns or something.”

“There’s no Leprechauns in Incan mythology.”

“Are you sure?” Jack shrugged. “Of course you’re sure. You’re Daniel Jackson. Maybe I’m thinking of the time you were telling me about King Lear turned into a swan and had sex with Princess Leia.”

“I think you’re talking about the story of Zeus and Leda.”

“Maybe. But hey! Look at us – we’re talking. Just like old times.”

“No we’re not.”

“Yes we are. I say something stupid. You get snarky and correct me.”

“No I don’t,”

“Yes you do.”

“No. I don’t.”




The younger boy threw his backpack down. “Dammit Jack!”

“Aha! A-ha!” Jack jumped around, pointing a finger in the young man’s face. “I’d know that frustrated ‘Dammit Jack!’ anywhere! You. Are. Daniel. Jackson.”

“Okay! I’m Daniel Jackson! Happy?!?”

The smug look on Jack’s face said more than a thousand pictures.

“Well I’m glad you are, but I’m not. I don’t want to be 15 – I didn’t want to be 15 when I was the first time ‘round. It’s a horrible age!”

“Really? I liked – like – it myself. Curfews, proms, homework. It’s all great. I like having all the rules that I can break and know I won’t get grounded.”

“That’s fine for you, ‘cause you look like..”Daniel made one of his hand gestures, and bent down to pick up his pack. “I look like Harry Potter. At worst – a prepubescent Where’s Wally? And it’s worse this time, ‘cause I already know that when I turn 16 even buying shares in Clearasil isn’t going to save me from a face worse than death. Besides, everyone knows that girls’ don’t like passes from boys who wear glasses.”

“Are you sure? I thought girls liked the bookish sensitive type.”

“Not until they get the bad boys out of their systems. And they don’t do that until they’re about 26. I’m doomed for at least another 11 years!”

“It might be different this time around.”

“Only if hockey jocks haven’t been invented yet. And look – there you are! Jack O’Neill, a prime example of the Homosapian sub-species ‘Hockeim Jockeous’. Girls will only talk to me to get help on their Latin homework. And the guys will only talk to me to steal my Latin homework.” Daniel groaned. “I shoulda tried harder to convince Sam to adopt me.”

“Sam?!?! You’d want Sam to adopt you?!?! What about me??”

Daniel raised an eyebrow Teal’c would have been proud to sport. “You’re 15.”

“Not me, me you idiot. The …non-Mini Me Me.” Jack shook his head and pulled a face like he’d eaten something rotten. “Why did I have to be the young clone? Why couldn’t he have had to be here instead.”

“By definition, a clone in an exact copy of something. And I don’t think General Hammond could allow copies to go through the ‘gate. There are security issues.”

“You don’t think I know that? All I’m saying is that in some ways it would make a lot more sense to send us through. Our faces – our old faces – are well known. We could do the same job, but better, ‘cause no one would know it was us being us.”

“That’s the other reason we’re here and they-“


“they. Not us, they. If any of us are going to get on with our lives we have to accept we’re all not each other.” Daniel paused to pushed his glasses further up. “We – you and me right here and now we – have to keep a low profile. The NID must know about us, but I’m guessing that as long as we don’t do anything stupid they’ll leave us alone until we’re older and more useful to them.”

“And we’re not now? We have bodies that work and we’re not aging badly like that sheep did.”


“If I was someone of Kinsey’s or Maybourne’s ilk I would have had us on an operating table before the sh…fit hit the shan so to speak.”


“It makes the most sense. They know where we are right now, so they should grab us while we’re not moving.”

“I’m guessing that’s why they haven’t grabbed us. As long as we don’t move, the SGC know where we are as well. If they can’t find us, they’d come looking. And the first place they’d look is…”

“Good point.” Jack grabbed a look at his watch. “Listen, we’ve already missed the start of third period. How about we play hookey?”

“I have a quiz.”

“No Daniel, you had a quiz. You can make it up later. We have to catch up.”

“Can’t we do it later?”

“No Daniel, we can’t. I have hockey practice after school.”

Daniel made a garbled noise. “I knew you’d be a jock this time around again. And I’m a geek again. We can’t be friends – we can’t even be seen in public together.”

“Daniel.” Jack grabbed Daniel face with both his hands. “We can be friends. We are friends. And if anyone says otherwise I will kill them with my thumbs. Now c’mon. I’ve worked out how to break into the seniors common area; they have coffee and a TV.”

Daniel perked up. “Coffee? I haven’t had coffee since this happened.” He snorted. “Everyone says I’m too young.”

“Same with me. Come with me Daniel, you know you want to.”

“Just this once Jack. I can’t afford to cut too many classes if I’m going to get into a top college.”

“Didn’t you do that already? Don’t you want to try something different this time?”

“Like what?”

“Ever thought about being a fireman?”


“What about a –“

“If I don’t have a coffee in my hand within five minutes I’m never talking to you again.”

“Point taken. Let’s go.”

Daniel grabbed his back-pack from where he had dropped it before they walked in silence in the direction of the common room. Jack kept looking at Daniel, glancing away when the smaller boy turned his way.

“What is it Jack?”



“Daniel, it’s nothing. I’m just glad to see you, that’s all. It’s nice to have you to talk to again.” He bumped their shoulders together. “I missed ya.”

Daniel flashed a grin, and returned the bump. “It’s nice to talk to you too.”

When they reached the common room Daniel stopped, and frowned when Jack kept walking. “I thought you said we were going here.”

“No, I said I knew how to break in. And to break in I have to go to around the back of the building.”


“You wait here, and I’ll open the door for you from the inside.” Jack kept walking until he came to the end of the building. He glanced back at Daniel and flashed him a grin before he went around the corner. A few minutes later Jack was opening the door to the room for Daniel to enter.

Daniel dumped his pack by the door as Jack pointed to a table in a corner. “Coffee’s over there; its instant, but it’s the good instant. There’s no milk, but that shouldn’t worry you.” Jack walked over to an overstuffed lounge chair and threw himself into it. He hooked one leg over the arm of the chair reached one arm over his head to grab the back of the cushion.

He waited until Daniel had finished making a cup of coffee and had sprawled himself on the floor.

“I’ve really missed having you around to talk to.”

“Thanks Jack.” Daniel blew lightly on the cup between his hands and then gulped down some of the beverage. “Oh man, that tastes so good. I was hoping you’d still want to be friends with me.”

“Why wouldn’t I be Daniel? After all, I wasn’t the one that just forgot about me like a pair of sweaty gym socks.”

Daniels frowned, and sat up from his relaxed position on the ground near Jack’s feet. “Excuse me? I didn’t forget you.”

“Yes you did. Once you had ‘the real’”, Jack made exaggerated quotation marks in the air, “Jack back you guys couldn’t wait to see the back of me. Yeah, you made sure I was gonna live, and that I had enough to take care of myself. After that though…. It’s been six months since then Daniel. Today is the first time I’ve seen you.”

“That’s not fair Jack. The whole situation was – is – strange for everyone. Jack thought it would be easier for everyone if we all just took a step back. Gave you space to breath.”

Jack snorted. “That’s bullshit and you know it. Cassie hangs out with me all the time, and we get along just fine. I didn’t need space to breathe, whatever the fuck that’s supposed to be, I needed you.”

Daniel stood so he wouldn’t be looking at up the other teen. “You told Jack it would be too weird to keep in touch.”

“With him. I don’t need his baggage – I’ve already got most of it, plus a few more thanks to algebra and chemistry exams. Keeping in touch with you would have been fine. I thought we were close.”

Daniel blushed. “We, we, we are.”

Jack cocked his head, narrowing his eyes. “You’re not telling me something.”

Daniel shook his head. “No. I’m not not telling you anything. You know everything.”

Jack narrowed his eyes even further, almost squinting at Daniel. After a few seconds of silence Daniel began to fidget under the close scrutiny. He took a few swallows of his coffee. “Jack, listen. Jack and I thought-“

“Holy Hannah.” Jack dropped his leg from the arm of the chair and stood up. “H-o-l-y Hannah.”

“That’s Sam’s line.” Daniel said in a small voice.

“You two did it, didn’t you?” Without waiting for Daniel to agree he went on. “You and Jack finally pulled your heads out of your asses and finally did it, didn’t you? Sonnovbitch! You two are…” he trailed off.

Daniel nodded and stared at Jack’s shoes. “We are. Or at least the other Jack and Daniel are now.”

Jack took a step forward and stopped when Daniel took a step back. “So what? They started after me but before you?”

“Before I what?”

Jack rolled his eyes. “Before you grew horns and ran off to join the circus Daniel. Before you got Mini-Me’d you idiot. You and Jack have done it.”

“Um well, I guess you could say… if you wanted to be specific about the matter then I guess… of course, what I’m trying to say is… it’s really only a matter of-“

Jack held up a hand to stop Daniel from babbling any longer. “Daniel, do you – and I mean you and not the other Daniel – know what I look like when I kiss.”

Daniel’s ears went pink. “Yes.”

“Do you know what I look like when I…” Jack stopped and made a “Ta-da!” motion with his hands.

Daniel’s nose almost throbbed in a sea of red. He nodded so quickly it looked like his head would come unattached to his head and roll under the lounge.

“Well that hardly seems fair.”

Daniel looked up from his view of his shoes and dropped the Styrofoam cup, splashing the last of his drink on his trousers. His eyebrows shot up in shock before settling back down in confusion. “What?”

“What what? Daniel, the other Jack kissed you. And didn’t stop there by the sound of it. I’m him and he’s me. Didn’t it cross your mind that if he’s out there having sex with Daniel, than there’s a damn good chance that I would want to do the same thing.”

“No!” the guilty look on Daniel’s face suggesting otherwise.

“No wonder you never came to visit me before when you were old. You were worried out wouldn’t be able to control yourself with me.”

“I wasn’t old Jack.”

“I’m 15 – anyone over thirty is considered geriatric.”

“You’re not 15, you’re - ”

Jack waved a finger in Daniel’s face. “Uh-uh. Like you said, we’re we, and they are…them. Four different people. They are old. And we are not. We are young and free and have no ties or responsibilities. Whereas when you were old you had all these worries and you couldn’t come and see me, because you knew you wouldn’t be able to control yourself. And now you are young and you want don’t want to control yourself.”

“I can control myself.”

“I didn’t say you can control yourself. I said you didn’t want to.”

Daniel opened his mouth, took a breath and closed it again.

Jack arched an eyebrow. “Well Daniel? Aren’t you going to argue with me?”


“All I’m saying is that you really need to…” Jack stopped talking and gave Daniel an incredulous look. “No? You’re agreeing with me.”

Daniel nodded. “Yes?”

“Yes?!” Suspicion ran across Jack’s face before settling into wariness. “You’re not Daniel, are you.”

“I am Jack.”

“No, no you’re not. The Daniel I know would never agree with me.”

“We did more than argue when we knew each other.”

“Oh yes, I’m sure we did. I’m sure you when we’re not arguing or screwing like bunnies we do things like discuss Eastern philosophy and if Timmy and Tabitha are ever going to take over Harmony.”

Daniel ran a hand through his hair. “Jack, we never screwed like bunnies either.”

“How would I know?”

Daniel removed his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose. “If I promise to have sex with you sometime in the future will you stop making a big deal over this? You’re giving me a headache.’

“We must be really good together if you’re willing to make a deal.”

“You have no idea.” Daniel said in a low voice.

“What was that?”

“Nothing Jack, nothing.”

“So, when?”


“When. My last hockey game is in six weeks. I’ll have some free time then.”


“What? I’m trying to set a date up here. So I can find out if we’re as good as you know we are.”

“Jack, I was joking.”

“No you weren’t.”

“Yes, I was.”




“Can we not quibble over this?”

“Quibble Daniel? I’m not quibbling. In fact, I doubt that anyone other than old men in badly fitting tweed jackets and unlit pipes in their mouths quibble.

“You used to be a certified linguist. Try to learn the native language of teenagers.”

Jack suddenly grabbed Daniel’s shoulder pulled the young student to him, kissing him with a finesse not normally seen in a fifteen year old. Daniel first grunted in shock as Jack’s tongue intruded into his mouth only to turn into a moan of pleasure.

Just as suddenly as it started, Jack pushed him away and gave Daniel a smug look.

“Jesus Jack! What was that?!”

“That was the native tongue of Jack O’Neill. Want me to translate?”

“I know what it was. I mean why?”

“Why? Not the heck not!”

“We can’t!”

“Why not?”

“Were on school grounds!” Daniel ground out.

“I know!” Jack looked positively gleeful. “That’s the best part! The other Jack and Daniel would be too paranoid over someone watching to even consider doing anything somewhere public in case they got caught. We’re kids – it’s our job not to care about that sort of stuff. Heck, it’s our job to do stupid things like make-out in inappropriate places.”

“We. Can’t.”

“Yes we can. Come on Daniel. Just a quick make-out session under the bleachers. Let me find out what you already know about the both of us. And if you don’t want to do it anymore then I’ll never touch you again.”

Daniel folded his arms around himself. “No Jack. I know you think this is a good idea, but that’s just your teenage hormones overriding your sense of self-preservation. Some kid would see us, and we’d get ourselves into more trouble than we can handle.”

Jack gave a level stare of the flustered boy. “Daniel. We’ve taken out some of the biggest baddest snakeheads out there. Aphophis. Hathor. Seth. There’s no such thing as more trouble than we can handle. I never took you for a coward.” Jack paused. “You know, in-between your sessions of being dead, ascended, whatever you want to call it, you should try to learn to live a little.”

Daniel glared, which just made Jack grin even more. “Fine. You want to see me live dangerously Jack? Fine, I can do that.”

He grabbed Jack’s hand and yanked Jack out the common room. With a determined look on his face he dragged Jack through the empty grounds of the school until they reached the gymnasium. He shoved Jack into the locker room and when the door swung shut behind them he pulled the taller teens to him so fast their chests banged together. Daniel whispered in Jack’s ear, “Which locker is yours?”

Jack turned his head slightly so his lips were almost brushing against Daniels. “Back row, third from the left.”

“Gimme the key.”

Jack patted the left pocket of his jeans. “You want ‘em. You can get ‘em.”

Daniel narrowed his eyes and let out a huff of frustration. “Fine.” His hand skimmed the edge of the pocket before two fingers entered the opening and scooped out the key ring.

Holding up the key ring he flipped each key up for Jack to see. “Which key?”

“The small one. With no engravings on it.”

Daniel found the key Jack was talking about and stomped over to the locker. Turning the key in the lock he yanked the door open, banging it against the locker beside it, and grabbed Jack’s towel. He turned around to see Jack still leaning against the wall beside the door. “Get over here. Now.”

Jack smirked. “I would never have thought you’d be this forceful when you’re horny.”

“I’m not horny Jack. I’m frustrated.”

“We’re 15 – that means pretty much the same thing.”

“No it doesn’t. I’m frustrated that no matter what age we are you are the most annoying person I know.”

Jack pushed himself off the wall and slowly walked closer. “Sweet.”

Daniel’s eyebrows rose. “Sweet? Trust me Jack, this isn’t going to be sweet. Anything but in fact.”

When Jack was only half an arms length away Daniel reached for him and once he had a hold of Jack’s shirt he pulled sharply. The movement wasn’t much, but it was enough to unbalance Jack. Jack staggered three steps, and Daniel used that momentum to twist them so Jack had his back to the lockers. Daniel pushed him once, banging the boy into the lockers.

“Hey!” Jack protested.

“Don’t move.” Daniel folded the towel in half, and in half again before dropping it in front of Jack.

Once his knees hit the padding of the towel he reached up and started to un-do the buttons on Jack’s jeans. He slowly flicked the five buttons free and reaching up to top of the jeans, he grabbed both the denim and the cotton underpants beneath and pulled both layers down to Jack’s ankles.

Jack’s penis bobbed up half-erect from the confines of the clothing. With his left hand Daniel circled the base, softly rubbing his thumb on the underneath and a finger reached out to stroke a testicle. Jack moaned and dropped his head back until it hit the locker behind him. His penis twitched once, thrice, four times until it stood away from his stomach. Daniel looked over the top of his glasses at Jack while circling the head with the index finger of his right hand. He massaged the few drops that were already leaking around the crown before dipping his head to quickly dart his tongue out for a taste.

“You taste different.” He murmured.

Jack took a shaky breath before replying. “Different?”

“To the older you. You taste saltier.”

Jack clenched his hands that were by his side into tight fists. “Can we not talk about him now?”

“But I thought you wanted to know-“

“I don’t.”

“Okay Jack.” Daniel lowered his head again, this time dropping a kiss on the eye before moving to take an almost hairless ball into his mouth. He held it there, tickling it with his tongue and scraping his teeth against it just enough so Jack knew he could be dangerous if provoked. A slight tremor of fear shook another moan from the standing teen. “Be careful down there.”

“You’ve never complained before about my technique.”

“Daniel, I swear if you mentioned either of those two us’s again I’ll….I’ll…” the threat went unspoken as Daniel licked from the base of the penis to the head. He circled the eye again with his tongue and then without any warning took the head into his mouth. He held it there for a few seconds, giving Jack time to adjust to the heat of his mouth before he started to suck. His left hand slightly tightened its grip at the base, and he began to tug up and down, down and up, in sync with his mouth.

Jack groaned once more. “Jesus Christ!”

Daniel pulled away. “Yes, my son?”

“Now is not the time for jokes.”

Daniel chuckled before taking Jack’s penis back into his mouth. Jack tried to keep his eyes open, to watch the younger boy give his pleasure but before too long his eyes were closed and his head was against the locker behind him, and he had started to move in the same rhythm Daniel was producing. Daniel wrapped his tongue around Jack’s hard length and without taking his hand from where it lay, Daniel moved his left arm to push on Jack’s stomach and still his movements. Moving his right hand, and went between Jack’s legs, caressing his ass and barely tickling a finger over his puckered hole. When Jack groaned loudly deep in his chest and banged his head so hard against the locker that it rocked Daniel moved the finger in, and moved it up and down in slow steady motion his tongue and left hand were doing.

A third time Jack grunted, a hard quick breath forced through his mouth and gulped a lung full of air in before he whispered harshly “Fuck Daniel. Fuck me.” Daniel responded by sucking harder, almost taking Jack’s penis down his throat to the base. He gagged slightly and Jack unclenched one of his fists and slapped his open palm against the metal behind him. “You don’t have to...” the sentence trailed off, but Daniel seemed to understand what he meant. Daniel tightened his grip and gave five quick tugs, slightly twisting when his hand reached where his mouth was. As he moved to being a sixth stroke Jack made a strangled noise, and began to climax. Daniel managed to swallow twice before turning his head and coughing. When Jack had finished coming Daniel looked up to meet Jack’s satisfied stare. Jack smiled and bought up a hand to wipe at Daniel’s chin. He opened his mouth to speak, but before any words came out the bell rang.

The sound of the bell bought a horrified look to Daniel’s face. He jumped up from where he was kneeling, and threw the towel at Jack. Jack caught it, and made a swipe at his softening dick, cleaning it best he could before grabbing his pants, and pulling them up over his hips. He turned around to face his open locker and had just finished doing the last button up when the door swung open to let in 16 sophomores who were about to get ready for fifth period gym.

Jack turned around and nodded and smiled to the few he knew from hockey. He looked around to see where Daniel had gotten to and saw the teen push the door open and leave. Jack dumped the towel in the bottom of his locker, shut the door and turned the key in the lock before following Daniel out.

“Hey! Wait up!” Daniel stopped.

Jack caught up to him, and they stood there saying nothing.

“What’s up Jack?”

Jack raised an eyebrow and gave Daniel’s crotch a pointed look. “I could ask you the same thing.”

Daniel blushed and wiped a hand over his mouth, saying nothing in the silence between them.

“I know you’re not him Jack. I know which Jack O’Neill you are.” Daniel looked over Jack’s shoulder, watching the students walking to various classes. “But you need to know which Daniel I am.”

“I do.”

“Well…. good.”


Daniel nodded and pointed behind him. “I have to get going – I have to go grab my pack from the common room.”

Jack grimaced. “I’m going the other way. Got Drama with Treloar.”

“You’re taking Drama?”

“Yep. You gonna make something of it?”

Daniel grinned. “Nope.” He dropped his head a half second before raising his eyes to meet Jack’s.

“I never did tell you why I’m here. Do you wanna meet up after school? After practice I mean?”

Jack smiled. “That’d be sweet.”


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  • And so it has begun

    Hi everybody! So I signed up for NaNoWriMo again this year, for a couple of reasons. First up, to get me back onto Live Journal, and secondly to see…

  • I'm back!!

    So about the 3rd of January, my computer decided that being able to surf the 'net was an option that really, was something that I really…

  • 2014 - Day 1

    I went to a friends house last night, for a barbeque and games to ring in the new year and it was lovely. I was home in bed by 1 am, and as I had…