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Who am I to Argue -

- with people like thenightsfall and cycnus39? "Like Now" it is.

And... (drumroll please) I have written the non-sex sex scene. I was blushing like a virgin nun at a prison rodeo while writing it, and I kept giggling like a 7 year old who's found his dad's stash of 70's PlayBoy, but it is done. I swear, it was painful for me to write. Who would have thought it would be so hard to chose between using penis, cock, or member? The words either sound like they're from medical dictionaries or recipie books. Yes, I admit it, "Fellatio" sounds like a brand of pasta sauce. (Can I have linguini with my fellatio? Thanks.)

I am a child.

I've just done over 4000 words (where did all those come from??), and I think I can wrap it up in about two or three more paragraphs.

And for the record, the next time someone tells me it's a good idea to join up for a ficathon, I shall run screaming in the other direction. It was fun, but painful at the same time.

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