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I may have to flip a coin
My Tree thanks to slodwick
Okay, okay I admit, I'm still procrastinating over the damn non-sex sen scene. Although you'll be happy to know Daniel is on his knees with his hand unbuttoning jack's jeans. I be close to them getting nooky.

I tired cycnus39 idea of the title generator, which gave me laugh - the best one it came up with was "Jumping the Fine Books". But cyc did trigger an idea in my brain, which I am very grateful for, and now I have two titles to choose from.

I need someone to pick one of 'em for me, 'cause I just can't decide. So my fic is in your hands.

The first title is "Like now." Which is half a line out of the chorus of the Hoodoo Gurus song "Now wow-wipeout." A relly kickin' song, and the chorus always reminds me of Daniel.

The second title is "Cabbages and Kings." This one is 'cause it reminds me of school, and because I can see Daniel and Jack sitting around talking and arguing about everything and nothing at once.

Which one do you think I should use?

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I shall vote for "Like Now." Why, you ask? Well, I shall tell you. Because I hate cabbage. ; ) And, hey, "Like Now" has that whole "this is us with new lives now, going our own way and not being the Daniel and Jack of old" feel. Yeah. That's it.

However, "Jumping the Fine Books" has a certain something, too. "Books" being a euphemism for "Daniel," of course.

I too prefer "Like Now" and kinda like the book title -- but I love Daniel in his natural geeky form. :-D

If you would like another book-y suggestion, Mark Twain has a lovely one: "Assaults by the Unabridged", although perhaps not for this story. Here are a few more I like: "Geological Curiosities", "Meals Taken Away from Home", "Table Etiquette", "Incidents Overdrawn", "Bald-Headed Anecdote", "Bubble Pricked", "Too Familiar Bedfellows".

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