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Damn underage sex.

My Jack/Daniel ficathon is coming along swimmingly. Except for just one little thing...part of the request was "Happy underage sex".

I admit it, I can't write sex. In all my slash fics I have managed to not write any sex. Either by cutting away and fading to black at the crucial moment, or having a bad case of coitus interruptus.

I've got pages of Daniel and Jack talking, 'cause I give great dialouge (or so I've been told. This might not be the case in the SG:1 fandom. I might be more sucky than Linda Lovelace in this fandom) but I haven't even got 'em kissing. Mostly 'cause I ain't good at writing the sex, and partly 'cause they're underage and it makes me feel dirty and not in that good "give it to me baby" way

I'm thinking I might be able to get around this with some furtive frottage action in the locker room at school. Desperate to get off after the jocks have left but before the janitor arrives.

Do you guys think that idea will cover my butt? Get me around my inability to have the guys insert tab J into slot D and still cover my requirements for the fic??

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