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Bored Bored Bored Bored
Panda Kiss
I hate Saturdays in a town of 4000 people. There is nothing to do at all. So I'm sitting here watching a replay of the Mary and Frederick wedding as that's the only good thing on since I am very un-Australian and do not like watching Footy - Aussie Rules or League - which is all that is on the other channels.

I like Princess Mary's dress. It's simple yet very elegant.

And the commentators just mentioned that by royal decree Vegemite and Tim Tams will be bought into Denmark. So Mary won't feel homesick. I think the Australian government should have given that as a gift - a life-times supply of Tim Tams for the happy couple. It would have been nicer than Nine Tasmanian trees. Wouldn't there be custom reasons for not letting the trees through? 'Cause I bet dollars to doughnuts that you couldn't give a tress for a gift if it was going from Denmark to Australia. It's easier to get drugs into this country than flora.

And apparently Powderfinger played for them a week or so ago. Damn! If I knew that's all it took to have a personal concert by the 'Finger I would have married me a Prince years ago!