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Help needed
Panda Kiss
Anybody out there who knows how to put words on an icon? I've got a base, and I know what I want to put on it, but I'm pretty much LJ-illiterate in things like this.

I'd offer a drabble for services rendered, but I can never trust myself to actually write one. How about I promise a dirty limerick?

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Well, you'll need a graphics prog, anything from photoshop downwards (see www.tucows.com for downloads). Once you've got your graphics prog installed, or even use paintbox, you open up your image and slap the words on top, using the type button (usually an A or T button). Best to save a copy of the base first.

At least, that's what I do.


So - dirty limerick...

anyone is particular or would you just be happy with a

"There once was a man from Nantucket.."?

Nantucket works for me :)

Let me know if you need any more tips :)

LOL! Dirty limericks, eh? :g:

Hey, I can do it for you, if you like. Adding text is one thing I've learned to do in Photoshop. Now, about all those other things...

Have i told you you're ace lately?? I'll send it to you shortly.

Now, about that limerick...

There once was a Colonel named Jack
Who loved Daniel flat on his back
With his legs in the air
Jack'd screw him with flair
And finish him by licking his crack.

I'll try and think up a better one :g:

Have i told you you're ace lately??

Why, no, I don't think you have. How remiss of you. ; )

LOL! Well, I think that limerick shows Jack as the man of action he is. :g:

As for nothing rhyming with Ezra... That is a toughie. But I can think of a few things rhyming with Buck...

I do it with Paint, there is a button with an A on it on the left side with which you can create a field to type text in and there's another button a little lower to make the background visible in that field, but of course you can't do anything fancy with that...

That's fine - I don't want anything fancy anyhoo. I may just try this.

Dirty limerick on anything in particular?? :g:

Hmm... Can you make one on a certain gambler? ;-)

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