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gakked from just about everyone

Still Life : This was my first fic ever started, and my last fic finished. The title came from the idea of fruit. Ezra could do ‘cherry trick’ which had grabbed Buck’s attention, and my initial plan was for Buck to have these dreams. Partly about fruit, but mostly about Ezra. Hence the name was going to be a play on the idea of all those pictures people draw of fruit in bowls – Still Life. And it was also a play on the dreams; Buck fantazied about loving Ezra in his dreams, but he still had life to deal with and all the rules society places on you.

The Devil You Know: Another Ezra/Buck fic. The title comes from the cliché or saying “Better the Devil You Know” Buck’s best friend from childhood is due to be hung, and he would rather Buck shoot him dead before that happens. Ezra ends up taking things into his own hands, and so I guess for a while there Buck pictures Ezra as the bad guy.

Secrets The Soul Doth Keep: This title was given to me as part of a title challenge on EBoS. I took it and ran with the idea of Ezra being in unrequited love with Nathan. Well, Ezra had never told Nathan he was in love with him.

Night Calls: A pretty self-explanatory title. Chris gets a late-night call while in post-coital bliss with Ezra. There was going to be a series with this - calls at inappropraite times to see just what it would take it get Chris to walk away from sex with Ezra - but I got bored.

The Love Letter: Another self-explanatory one. Ezra wrote a letter to Vin that would only be given to Vin in the event of Ezra's death.

I think that covers 'em. I've got a heap of unfinished fics on my hard drive with titles (why can I name my unfinished fics so easily, but have complete problems calling my finished fics something other than 'Ezra has sex with...'), but since they're unfinished I won't bore you with the details.

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