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I have many thoughts. Some of them don't stink. Too Much.

I have a theory about Jack, his moments of ‘un-genius’ and that damn Ancient library he keeps downloading into his head….

I’m blaming cloning for Jack’s decreasing IQ, or as I’ve seen it called around the fandom “Cosmic GiddinessTM” Now cloning seems to be Jack’s Thang (‘Fragile Balance’, ‘Cold Lazarus’). Daniel’s thang is biting the dust (‘Fire and Water’, ‘Meridian’, etc, etc). Sam’s thang is having her body invaded by alien beings ( ‘In The Line Of Duty’, ‘Entity’). Teal’c’s thang is – unfortunately – standing around with the most expressive eye-brows in the known and unknown universe. And while all of them have at one time or another either died, or been cloned or had their body used by another person/being, or looking knowingly while having their head cocked and an eyebrow raised exactly 16.87 degrees, one of them does it on more occasions with more flair, style and panache than the others.

The best way to explain this is to compare cloning Jack with taking photographs of the Mona Lisa. You’re not allowed to take flash photography of the Mona Lisa. This is because the flashes over the years start to affect the qualitiy of the original. The photos are great, but the original starts to crack, it’s vibrant reds start to pale until they’re muted browns. The more it’s copied, the more that’s taken away from what made the original great. And sooner or later people bemoan the loss of the first one. It’s just the way of the world. You can’t replicate the original – you can try but you either stuff up the copy or you damage the original in some way.

And that’s what has happened to Jack. His body and his mind has just had enough with being duplicated every year or so. It’s a two-fold situation though; by acting less-than-stellar he makes himself less attractive to those who wish to clone him, and by being cloned so many times it’s done irreparable damage to his mind. And of course, you’ve got the Asgarrd who have put a marker in Jack’s DNA to make cloning his being a difficult procedure to perfect.

At least, that’s my take on the whole Jack becoming more infantile throughout the seasons.

Bored yet? But Wait! There's more!

Why do I always first think Suppository when I hear the word Repository. Or am I just one of those weird people?
The Anicent Library, or the “Repository of the Ancients” as it is sometimes known is not for we mere humans of a complete Tauri background. The Ancients have been recognized as the Builders of the StarGate, so I believe that this had a large impact of them deciding how to record their knowledge. They knew (or know, depending on if they’re still building these weird-arse mirror-like repositorys around the place) on who was on what planets. They had knowledge on what the inhabitants on all the planets could and couldn’t do. They probably even had knowledge on how the beings on the planets would evolve.

In the episode “Learning Curve” (Season 3) we met a race of people called “The Orbanians” They have perfected a way of learning that requires only one person to learn. When the person has become a certain age, or have learnt enough on the subject they have specialized in, the contents of the brain are – for want of a better word – transferred to the rest of the civilization. It has the rather unfortunate side-affect on the person whom learnt the information on the first place, but that’s not here nor there for what I’m saying.

This seems like a great way to transfer enormous amounts of information to the majority of the population in the minimum amount of time. It also seemed on the episode that this was a fairly advanced civilization (compared to the way we do things) but they didn’t indulge that much in ‘gate travel. Perhaps this is something the Ancients were counting on.

The Ancients Repository was built so it only gave the information out once. This caused the SG:1 team a lot of heart-ache, but for a race that was set-up around the premise that only one person needed to learn the information to benefit everyone this wouldn’t be a problem. It’s more than likely the Orbanians have a slightly different make-up to their brain, so the large amount of information that caused Jack so much pain that would have eventually (well, more than likely) led to his death would not have been more than a blimp on their medical radar. I really can’t see a race as advanced as the Ancients creating something that could only be ‘downloaded’ once, so putting the repository on one (or two or even three) planets, and a civilization that could handle the knowledge and distribute it around it’s people in a safe way on another planet makes sense. You’ve got the knowledge, you’ve got the people who can handle the knowledge, and you’ve got enough miles between them that no-one would put two and two together and use both of them to destroy the known universe.

And who knows – maybe there’s a civilization out there that have not had anything to do with the SGC yet that has the technology to process the Ancient’s knowledge in another way that would have kept Jack from sticking his head in it. The Universe is a large place.

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