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You know it's going to be a bad day...

Yes, I was that stupid. All I had in my bag was one muesli bar and a mini-yoghurt to last me all day. Thank goodness I got my Mum's bad stomach, and I've learnt to go without much food at work. (I cannot eat on nightshift - it makes me almost physically ill) But dang, did I enjoy my tea tonight! Splurged and got my good self Chinese, yum yum pigs bum.

And after leaving my lovely pasta meal on the table, my day just went on a rollercoaster ride to Hades.

The new section I learnt last week is now under my control :g: At least, I'm taking doing the Refinery job as best as I can. And I try to look calm while I do it, which actually helps me to stay calm-ish. Kinda. It's such a strange job compared to the rest of the lab. In the areas I'm more familiar with there are a ridiculous number of samples to do, but you know exactly how many you'll be getting and at what time. In the refinery you have no clue. You could get 6 samples at 0900, or 1 sample at 1300, or 8 samples at 1030, or 3 samples at 1700. You have no idea, and that can be stressful in itself. You can't plan your day, and I like plans. I like lists of things to do, and what time I should be doing it.

Got my first lot of samples around about 0930. Only 7 samples, and 3 of them were easy ones. One of them though I had not gotten the chance to practice on last week when I was being trained. Good ole 6280 - what on earth do I do with you? So I grabbed the method book and quickly read up on what to do. Very important thing to remember people: the 6280 sample may come in with the CYANIDE samples, but it is an ACID sample. Remember this. Remember this. Don not forget this - forgetting this could be fatal. Or at the very least A Bad Idea. And I did a fairly good job remembering this very important until I got to the clean-up stage. At the clean-up stage I threw the cyanide samples in the cyanide waste container (all up, about 40mL waste into a 20L drum. It already had about 200mL in it), and 20 mintues later I realized I had thrown in 10mL of the 6280 sample into the drum.


I was paranoid about it for the rest of the day. I kept the fume-hood closed, the wet-scrubbers scrubbing and tried not to spend too much time in the room. And I kept going to the toilet to check out the colour of my lips (rosy lips can be a sign of cyanide poisoning.) Then 45 mintues after I realized my error the room started to smell. Now the thing about cyanide is even though they say it has a smell, it sort of doesn't. Many people say it smells like almonds. I think it smells like fish. And apparently men have a hard time smelling it. So any freaky-deak smell can have people in the lab going “what's that?!?! Is that cyanide? I think I can smell cyanide! Can you smell cyanide?” But this smell was freaky. I thought it smelt like wet dirt before a storm, and someone else thought it smelt like burning plastic. And the smell went for about 3 rooms, so I was fairly confident it wasn't cyanide slowly killing us.

And then they worked out the smell. It was indeed burning plastic - it was the electrical distribution board. A circuit was melting. On one hand, this was very dangerous as it was right next to the Refinery room. On the other - I hadn't accidently killed us all throw cyanide poisoning. A gold star for me! But, having a melting circuit board is never a good thing, so the sparkies were called. I wasn't paying much attention (I admit, once there was a name for the smell I was pretty much over the whole thing.) as I had enough work to keep me occupied for the rest of the day. Until…

“You've got five minutes to finish up - we're turning off the power.”

“But I'm standardizing the metrohm.”

“Five minutes. Then the powers off.”

Argh. So I do as much as I can do, and start turning machines off in 4 minutes 30 seconds. Thirty minutes later still waiting for them to turn off the power. So I figure it's a good time for a coffee. The power eventually got turned off, and was back on at 1700. Lo and behold I had 9 samples awaiting me. Yippie.

So I ran around like a blue-arsed fly, but I really was going down to the wire to get it all done before 1900. Got most of it done, but there were a few things I had to leave. I feel bad about leaving them, but I did my best and I'm happy with that. I wasn't slacking off - and I think no power to the rooms you need to do the job is the best excuse ever.

I think C will understand about the stuff I left, but I just hate it that I couldn't get it all finished. I am happy that I did as much as I did considering today was the busiest day I've had by myself. Thanks to a long weekend extra samples came in today that should have come in yesterday.

But enough about work. House-sitting another house. This is my fourth place I've lived in in the last 10 days. If there's ever a crime spree in town - I'm the first person they should take into custody since there are so many houses in town I take care of when people go away. Two cats in this house for me to mind. Two pure breed Blue Russians. They're lovely, but I honestly think they may be trying to do away with me. I wake up at night with at least one of them laying on my neck. And the one that's not laying on my neck is wedged in my side to stop me from turning over. And they keep staring at me in a rather cold-blooded way. Part of me is … nervous … but the majority or is quietly confident that I could take 'em in a bar fight.

They're sitting opposite me NOT looking at me. I think they're up to something… I wonder if the meal I gave them displeased them? I think tomorrow I might go down to the supermarket and get them something nice. Just in case.

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