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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Boss Butt-kissing in Reverse
My Tree thanks to slodwick
I had my annual “My Development” review this week. Basically, it's just my boss and I sit in his office and we review what training I have done in the past year, and what training I would like to accomplish in the next.

For me to do my job properly as coverage for people when they have annual leave, I really need to know how to do those jobs. I learnt a new section this week, which I have to do for the next month. There are three other sections I don't know, and I asked to learn only one of those.

He was surprised with the amount of training I want. Though when I said “I figure if I want to do my role, this would be the best way to do so.”

And he was impressed by my answer, and then agreed to all training I wanted, and then started asking if I wanted to do other training that I hadn't. Ace.

And then, with no prompting from me, the boss started. “If only we had half a dozen more people like you; this place would run more efficiently. You're a real allrounder, and a big asset to the company. You've breezed through picking up Refinery, and I believe you'll pick up RadioChem and GDMS just as quickly. We need more people like you.”

As nice as that was, I can't help but wonder what he wants. What is his hidden agenda? I know we have a heap of work happening, and I know they're having trouble keeping people but really, there's no need to kiss my arse.

Actually, I could do with some more arse-kissing. It just doesn't happen my way enough.

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Well after all the hard work you do its nice to see you get a good pay off. Enjoy the training.

Nice! :-) It's great to get some appreciation now and again, isn't it? Think your boss could have a talk with the She-Demon??

Think your boss could have a talk with the She-Demon??

I would, but I don't think it would work. Y'see, you have an evil scary boss called "She-Demon" whom people fear. I have a pathetic whimpy boss called "Hamster-Man" whom people sneer at.

She-Demon would probably make Hamster-Man cry.

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