Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

I love my boss

Obviously that must be the sixth sign of the Apocalypse. But seriously yesterday my boss did the right thing by me. I am happy, and warm and glowy from the happiness.

As you've all been reading, my work roster has been up and down like a fiddler's elbow. For example - from the Thursday morning until the Tuesday evening last week my boss had to rearrange my roster three times. And that was with a 4 day long weekend in there that he wasn't at work. So every day I have been going to work wondering what shift I would be working the next day. The last time I had my roster rearranged he rang me to explain why he had to do it. Lately, we've been averaging a resignation every week. Not good, when we were already understaffed and next week the work load is increasing by just under half again. So management are practically throwing us around. Especially we Support Laboratory Technicians (of which there are two, as one quit to back-pack around Italy). He asked me how I felt with the new arrangement and I said to him "I can do it, but I'm worried how I'm going to physically cope with the sudden change." He said he understood, and the next time I saw him he said "Listen, take one of the days over the weekend off."

Totally flabbergasted my good self. Surprised me so much I actually uttered the stupid words "That's all right, I should be fine." And then he surprised me by not agreeing with me! "See how you're feeling. By all means take a day off if you're tired."

Now, I know one of the reasons he said this was 'cause they really need everyone (everyone whose left) to stay healthy and semi-happy, but that he actually gave me a day means a lot.

Me happy.

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