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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Crucifixion First, Naptime After
My Tree thanks to slodwick
Being from a Catholic school up-bringing I have, of course, acted in at least one "Last Supper - The Crucifixion of Jesus" play. The one I remember the most was the one where I played Judus. A yay for me big bad self if you please.

I was about 8. Being of a time before hyperactivity and ADHD had hit the medical headlines we feasted on red cordial and fairy bread Is everyone familiar with fairy bread, or is this one of those weird Australian customs?. The boy with the longest mullet got to play Jesus. The prettiest girl got to play Mary. There was no mention of Mary Magdelegne. I can even remember my lines. Okay, my line. "Then you know?" I put as much pathos as I could into that line. My parents were so proud.

The worst thing about playing the betrayer of the Son of Man? Jesus made me leave before they broke out the fairy bread. The rat bastard.

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Is everyone familiar with fairy bread, or is this one of those weird Australian customs?

I have heard of fairy cakes (on Brit TV shows), but never fairy bread, and alas, have no idea what either is. Don't think they're seen on these shores, at least.

Fairy Bread is one of those things that is absolsutely divine, but you wonder what paretns are thinking giving this to children. It's nutrition content is more than questionable.

Get a slice to bread. Butter it. You need to put a good layer of butter on for this to work. Now sprinkle over the bread 100's and 1000's. Now eat. For some unknown reason fairy bread tastes best when the bread is cut on the diagonal, so you end up with 4 tiny triangles. Fairy Bread cut in half (triangle) still tastes nice, but four tiny squres gets the best flavour. Fairy Bread in in half (rectangles) tastes yuck.

A staple at any 5 yeat old birthday party - and a great food when stressed

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