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Damn Astronaut!
My iPod died last week; it was five years old, and I stupidly thought to myself "I'm impressed how it's going considering how much I use it. (Probably 10 hours a day - the office gets loud and it drowns out the annoying people, and the bus ride of work is 40 minutes each way). It started only half playing songs, and skipping certain bands and singers (My iPod apparently hates Adele and The Axis of Awesome), until finally last week while I was charging it on the computer a warning came up with basically said "You are so incredibly f-ed right now. You really have no idea" (but it said it in tech-speak, but let's face it. This is what it meant. And it won't connect to my computer, and instead of having 5 thousand songs on it, it only has two.

Both Taylor Swift.

Five years is a good run, and the closest repair shop is a two hour drive away, so I thought, "screw it!" and bought a new one. When I get home, I find that my version of iTunes is too old, so I download a newer one. To find out my computer OS is too old, and I can only buy that from a store.

I've got music on my phone, but I don't like playing music on my phone; call me old-fashioned, but dammit, I want my phone to be used as a phone (And for checking Face Book at work.) and that's it. Music devices are for music, phones are for communicating.

My computer is not on it's last legs, but is getting closer to retirement (Exhibit A: a non-working k key. I looked into getting it fixed, but it was going to cost about $400.00. Not worth it, when a whole new computer is only a couple hundred more). I don't want to buy the OS software and find out the computer is rat shit as well. And I don't want to buy a new computer just yet (I'd like to wait until at least the post-Xmas sales).

Remember the old days of Walkmans and Discmans? I miss those days. All you needed was to make sure you had spare batteries, and it they started going wonky, you hit them a couple of times, and blew on the moving parts. That was good times.

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How annoying!

I share your phone is phone and music device is music device attitude. While I appreciate the lesser stuff to carry very much, I also miss having it easier to spontaneously change the music I carry with me. Which is weird, because so much fits onto the mp3-player. But not ALL fits onto the mp3-player, and chances are zero that I will at 5 am in the morning turn on the computer to delete one CD folder to replace it with the other CD I suddenly have the urge to listen to on my way to work. (I think I need a dinosaur icon for posting these kinds of things. ;-) I also still want to get music on a CD if I spend money on it, and not just a flimsy file. ;-) )

Remember the old days of Walkmans and Discmans? I miss those days

And a phone was a phone! Hee! I miss those days, too. I love a lot of what the new tech can do for us, but there's something to be said for the simplicity of tech gone by. Alas...

Hope you can get the music situation sorted out! Obviously, your old iPod likes Taylor Swift...

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