Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

Woot! Woot!!

just got a phone call from the car dealership; my car is there ready to pick up!

I’ll go over Saturday morning (get there about 10.30) and pop over to Mum and Dad’s to show off the car. I just need to clean out my car’s boot and glove box (I didn’t get around to it on the weekend) and then he is good to go to a new home. I feel a bit bittersweet about getting a new car. I’ve had this car for 10 years. A lot happens in 10 years, and even if it’s not all car related, it’s been there. It was there when I had to drive myself to a town 2 and a half hours away because the doctor thought I had bleeding in one eye and I couldn’t find anyone to drive me. It was with me when my battery died when I was on the highway and two army guys, a police man and a truckie helped me out.  It was there when Marley had to be driven to the vets almost weekly because the vet thought he may have feline AIDS (turned out to be bad teeth). It has never hit any large animals – though it has run over a rabbit or two in its time. – and never cracked a windscreen when birds weren’t fast enough to get out of our way.  He didn’t have much room in the back seat, but since I was never sitting in the back seat, that wasn’t a problem.

I can’t even remember what I named him. I keep thinking Seymour, but I’m hesitant to say that, as that may have been the car previous. Of the four cars I’ve owned, it’s only the second I haven’t written off in a car accident (I did not have a good run early on in the piece).

He’s been a good car. He’s still a good car, but the time for us to part has arrived. I hope whoever buys him has good times with him. (And if he is being used as a first car, I hope he takes care of them as well as he took care of me.)

I rang up about transferring my insurance over to the new car yesterday, and I…. I think the call centre guy may have been slightly flirting with me. Or not flirting, but we definitely would be friends in real life. But I am terrible with these kinds of things. I’m looking to get the platinum insurance, where if you pay slightly extra, if something happens to your new car, they replace it with a new car. This is whether it’s 5, 10 , 20  or 40 years from now (if I still have the same car by then. I jokingly said I will be able to replace it with a hover car in 40 years.

He’s gone “Oh yeah, defintely a hover car. I don’t know about you, but I feel really ripped off from all the 80’s and 90’s sci-fi. Where’s my flying car??” and we talked for a couple of minutes of all our favourite kind of sci-fi technology that hasn’t come to fruition yet. And after a minute, he’s gone “ oh, your insurance.... so” and we went back to working it all out.

So I'll drive over to the car dealership  on Saturday morning, exchange cars and then drive to Parkes to show the car off to Mum and Dad.  I'm a little bit excited!

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