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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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My Tree thanks to slodwick

If you’re reading something, and on what you’re reading you see that a person’s surname is ‘Short’, do you automatically imagine that that person is not just short in name but short in statue? Nope, just me then?

I had another “I feel like a  grown-up moment” today; I made pasta salad from scratch. I don’t know why that is making me feel like I’ve got another tick in the ‘Grown-up Achievements” column of life, but I have earned that tick. All I need to do is finally getting around to making potato salad from scratch, and then I will confident enough to look into getting the “Can make salads” badge. I should point out that I haven’t tasted it yet, so it could be a dogs breakfast.

Edited to add: The pasta salad wasn’t too bad. I think I should have put less beans into it, and perhaps more dressing. I think I’ll put the salad dressing bottle in my bag tomorrow, so I can add just a little bit extra. I don’t want to add it directly to the bowl of pasta salad in case all the dressing is sliding to the bottom of the bowl. I’m tempted to throw in a small handful of olives as well. I’m craving olives something bad at the moment.