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Oh my god; have you guys been watching The Blacklist? What is it about James Spader that makes him so deliciously creepy?

A friend of mine tried to tell me that Blacklist was like Arrow, as they both had lists of bad guys to take down. Uh, that’s like saying that Melrose Place is the same as Good Times because they’re both set in an apartment block. Or that Sleepy Hollow is the same as Supernatural because it has siblings fighting the supernatural. Sure, there’s an aspect that’s similar, but it terms of execution that is pretty much it. You can’t compare Arrow to Blacklist. For starters – in terms of shirtlessness I don’t think the Blacklist has had any such scenes. Well, maybe once?* It’s not like Arrow who likes to distract you from plot holes and obvious ignoring of the laws of physics by throwing a shirtless man at you as the greatest distraction in the universe. Hey, I am not afraid to admit there was one time I was watching with a friend the pilot episode, and Olly had just jumped out of a moving vehicle and in the next scene he was walking to his abandoned warehouse with 2 large and cumbersome looking bags. Kate turned to me and said “Where did the bags come from? He didn’t have them in the car with him?” and while I was agreeing with her he took off his shirt, and we forgot what we were talking about. Oh Arrow, I came for the good looking cast, and I stay for the shirtless men. You know me so well.

Anyway, The Blacklist. I am so enjoying this show! It’s the kind of show where I hope they only do one season, because I think just one season will be enough for the writers to be clever and the actors to be amazing and any more than one season will have the show just getting silly, repetitive and playing way too fast and loose with what the audience will tolerate. (Yes, I’m looking at you Once Upon A Time and Homeland. Jesus, if there were ever two shows that should have ended with the closure of season 1, it would be those two shows.) I have my theories on the important parts of the story line, and I am perfectly willing to hand wave my little heart out over how none of the bad guys have noticed that when Raymond Reddington gets involved with a highly ranked bad guy that said bad guy is taken out not long after by some type of U.S.A. law enforcement agency.

I don’t believe Elizabeth is Red’s daughter. I think she’ll end up being his niece on her mother’s side, or his wife’s side. I really hope she doesn’t end up being his daughter, mostly because it would end up she was illegitimate or an affair her mother had with Red, and there’s only so much soap opera I can put up with on a night time show. On tonight’s episode here in Australia Red and the husband meet up, which is very exciting. (I live a sheltered life. Things like this always excite me. It’s what makes it so easy for family members to me presents at Christmas time and birthdays) I’m still hoping that the husband is a bad guy, because that would be cool. I really hope that he’s somehow related to Red, because that would blow my mind (even though I want that to happen, I can’t see how. I mean, why would Red want Elizabeth to distrust his relative? That just doesn’t make sense. I would really love it if it ends up being that the husband is a rising star in the villain world, and Red is doing everything he is doing to take out the young contender who is vying for his position as a go-to man.

I don’t trust the FBI guy. The young one. He just looks dodgy. I love Red’s security detail that he picked. And I completely adore the CIA girl. She’s brilliant, but I wish she got to hang out more with Red. Lizzie I can take or leave. I do like her, and I’m looking forward to seeing where her story goes, but … I don’t know. There’s just something about her I don’t trust.

I love – no, that’s the wrong word – I enjoy the villains they have on the show as well. They are so evil and horrible. Like The Courier. I had taped that episode to watch later, and Kylie at work told me he was fairly full on. What she didn’t mention was that it was probably not the best of ideas to eat dinner while watching that particular episode. Oh lordy, I’m queasy about injuries at the best of time, but having a guy who can’t feel pain …. Icky.

Isabella Rossellini was brilliant when she was in an episode. I liked how she was just an horrible person trying to rid the world of sex slavery, when what she was really doing was trying to destroy the competition. Such a good twist! And then the tiniest hint of backstory for Red’s male security detail. See? Red’s not a bad person; he’s just drawn that way.

I do hope that eventually get further into what caused Red to switch sides like he did. Let’s face it; if he’s this clever as a bad guy, his skills on the side of good would have been invaluable. It had to have been something huge for him to leave his family. Or maybe they were killed, because no one has mentioned them since the pilot episode. Who knows. Well, I guess that the writers would know. And hopefully we will (and when we do, they will have the grace to end the show on a high point.)

*when the husband was recovering from being stabbed? Surely he was shirtless at some stage? Or maybe he was, but the shirtlessness was negligible by him being in bandages?
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