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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Being a grown-up
My Tree thanks to slodwick
I think one of the worst things about being a grown-up is not having enough time to do things. I know, I know, I have the same amount of time in my day as Hellen keller and Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs and look what they achieved! Obviously they have exceptionally better skills at organising their time and having the gumption to get off their arse and do something compared to me.

I mean, when you've got a day of work (yay!) you end up spending it getting jobs done, and not having fun. I was supposed to travel over to Young today to catch up with a friend since today is my RDO, but as the week went by, I realised that if my car is ready next week to get picked up, the only day I can get to the bank is today, and I've somehow lost my car rego papers, so I need to pick up a copy of them before I sell the car, and I also have to get the the second hand shop to find a netball skirt to wear to a dress up party. And Young is an hour and a half drive away, and Larn has kids that need sleeps and go to school so will need to be picked up, so today is just a write off trying to fit everything in.

So after wa
king up, I've gotten 3 loads of washing done, the rego papers picked up with the local registery, I've grabbed Christmas stamps (now I just need to actually WRITE my Christmas cards, that always trips me up every year. The actual writing of them. I can never tell when to start, because I don't want to send them too early, but then by the time I do it is way too late. It's a conundrum), and rang the car dealership to confirm the price of the car so I can get the bank cheque done. The house still needs to be clean, and I really want to sort out and clean the garage since I am getting a brand new car and I think it would be nice to have it in a ... if not spotless at least less like a garden garbage area. (Why does the garage end up with tumble weeds in it? It's vexing.)
One bonus to getting into jobs around town, is that even though I haven't got time to drive to Young and have lunch with a friend, I can catch up with a friend here in town. We're meeting up for a counter lunch in 40 minutes or so, so it will be good to catch up with her. I haven't seen her for a couple of weeks and her daughter graduated from high school last week and the after party was at her place. I am looking forward to seeing how it all went.