Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

Do you know what song gets stuck in my head the most often? It is a couple of lines out of Sister Act 2 “If you want to be somebody / if you want to go somewhere / you better wake up and pay attention.” I have not watched that movie in 10 years easily, but that song, and the way it brought to Whoopi’s attention to talent in her students has stayed with me way longer than I would have expected.  I do not know if I want to watch the movie again, in case I am remembering it to be better than it actually is.

“Alice the Camel” and her varying amount of humps also has a nasty habit of tunneling into my brain and staying there for days on end. And what annoys me about that one, is I cannot for the life of me remember one of the lines, so I will be singing it in my head and then just stop suddenly. I do remember all the bits for when I get down to Alice the Camel having no humps (spoiler alert: Alice is a horse!) so I just spend a lot of time concentrating on that particular verse. One of the more annoying aspects of having Alice stuck in my head, is that my niece no longer likes the song, so I cannot even sing it with her. Children under 4 are so fickle like that.

One song I wish I could get stuck in my head is the theme to Game of Thrones. I used to have it as my text tone on my phone, but I found it so distracting, because I wouldn’t check my message until after it finished, and sometimes I would forget to read the message because I was too busy pretending in my mind that I was walking around a parapet of my castle being all royal. But anyway, even after listening to the theme song heaps, I still can’t hum it to save myself. I can recognise the song, but I can’t remember it..

And speaking of getting songs into your brain, my 2013 new years resolution of learning “I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major General” is going ... wellish. I am confident with the first 2 verses, am okay with the third, and then I run into a spot of bother. Hopefully I will be able to make it by 31st December 2013. I haven’t tried it in front of anyone else yet. I think I should do that soon, just to see if that makes a difference, and before I try to sing it at whatever new years party I end up with.

Tags: nanowrimo, new years resolutions

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