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I am really struggling at work today to stay awake. After the Relay for Life I went home, and since I’m not a fan of sleeping during the day if I’m not doing night shift, I spent all day on the lounge watching television. Had a nice warm bath a bit closer to a reasonable bed time, and went back to the lounge for a spell. I was too tired to cook tea, so I had rice crackers and then I acted like a child and wouldn’t go to bed because I was too tired to walk to my bedroom. So I stayed where I was and watched Elementary. I got distracted by Joan’s outfits and shoes. She has never worn anything that I have disliked. Quite frankly I think she is the best dressed woman on television at the moment. Anyway, when Elementary finished I again argued with myself that it was too far to my bedroom and why couldn’t I just stay where I was? It’s quite difficult to deal with a grown-up acting like a child and being tired and cranky and it is especially difficult when said grown-up is actually you. I knew I had to go to bed, I just couldn’t be arsed. I finally got up and went, and I slept the sleep of the just and I slept all through the night which is a rarity these days, although I somehow ended up with a pillow on my back. Not sure how that happened, because that pillow was on the floor when I went to bed, and I doubt Marley managed to grab it and put it there in the middle of the night. I mean, the cat is good at dragging things around, but putting the pillow there is entirely too special with too much work and not enough reward for him. (Marley only likes to sleep on whatever pillow I happen to be using at the time. A pillow on my back is useless to him when he can be alternating between trying to suffocate me by blocking my mouth and nose with his back and breathing his yucky cat breath straight on my face. Sometimes I think a fate worse than being hated by a cat is being loved by a cat.)

I’m onto my fifth cup of tea, when usually I only have a grand total of 2 for the whole day. The caffeine is definitely helping me to stop yawning in everyone’s face, but it’s starting to give me a wee bit of a headache. I think I will have to tape The Blacklist tonight and definitely go to bed at a reasonable time. Having said that, you could put money on that I will have all the best of intentions for doing exactly that, and then not getting all my jobs done before it starts, and having to complete the washing up or hanging out the laundry during the ad breaks.

I could get more done, but SBS2 has started showing an hour of Ninja Warrior every night instead of just a single half hour episode, and I hate to miss an episode of that. Ninja Warrior (or as I like to pronounce it – NinJAR WorriAR because it makes me feel like I’m about to break out with some sweet Ninja  moves, when usually in my life not tripping on dust is a major achievement)  is my new favourite show. Have you seen any episodes? If you haven’t I can highly recommend it.  It’s pretty hard core without being over the top. Well, I guess in some ways, it’s over the top, but it’s not silly. Well, when they get past the silly competitors and get to the all-stars and the next generation of all-stars it’s pretty amazing.

I’ve been trying to convince some of my friends to watch it, but so far no one has paid any attention to me and watch any of it. This could be because my recommendations can be very hit and miss. And when I try to explain Ninja Warrior, I don’t explain it very well at all:

“Now it’s a show on SBS2 and it’s just amazing! See, it’s been going for over 20 seasons, and it starts with 100 contestants. And in that 20 seasons, only 3 guys have completed the entire course! That’s just insane! Because the creators of the show don’t want anyone to be able to complete the whole course! Who does that?!?! Crazy people, that’s who! Anyway, they have these way insane obstacles; I mean, they’re so insane there’s not one of them that I’ve looked at and gone ‘yeah, I could totally do that’. The first – the VERY first – obstacle involves them jumping sideways while moving forward and I’m pretty sure I would sprain my ankle, fall in the water and DROWN. Anyway, that’s not important, because a lot fall off there anyway. Even further on they’ve got the jumping spider! It’s brilliant! They take a run up and jump on a mini trampoline and jump up in between two walls  so they have a foot and a hand on either side of the walls and then – THEN! – they have to sort of do little mini jumps to move forward. I don’t know how they do it. And that’s only in stage one!!! And I didn’t even tell you about the 4 other obstacles in stage one, AND it’s got a time limit. Stage two is just even more ridiculous and that has the salmon jump in it – you know in Arrow when Olly is being all muscular and working out and has a lead bar and is using that bar to somehow climb up a series of sticking out lead pipes – well this is the salmon jump, and in some seasons they get up, have to turn around and reverse salmon jump down. It’s compelling!! You can’t look away. And then there’s more, and sometimes no one even gets through stage two! Look, you just need to watch it, trust me on this!!” (No one ever trusts me on this. But that could be because my explaining is extremely sub-par)

By the time Ninja Warrior is over, I realise that the washing machine ended half way through the show, but I didn’t get the clothes hang them out, and I haven’t started the washing up, or got my clothes sorted for tomorrow or packed my lunch for the next day either. The show is totally worth getting behind on getting myself organised though.

What I like about the show is that even though it’s a competition, all the all-star competitors all seem to be friends, so when one fails they all get upset, or when one succeeds everyone is so excited for them. And because the all-stars are all-stars and have been on the show more than a few times (there are some people who have been in every season) you start to get your favourite competitor and enjoy seeing how they fare each time.

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