Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

Fine. You’ve got one more week Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. But that’s it.

This week you have redeemed yourself slightly, but I have a feeling it was purely because hacker girl had such a small role.  I will admit that you have made me have more feelings for the Science Sibs, but not enough that I as emotionally invested as I feel with …. Abby’s sister on Sleepy Hollow. But you have improved, which is good. There is still room for improvement however, and I hope you really think about what you need to fix.

Personally, I think you’re lucky that Thor 2 rocked as much as it did. I think that I still have residual happy feels from the movie that I am slightly transferring to you.

But the next time someone jumps out of a plane to free fall for ages , please make sure that they’re wearing safety goggles’. I spent that whole scene going ‘Why aren’t his eyes tearing up? More importantly, how are his eyes still in his head?’ I don’t know if someone’s eyes would pop out of their head from the air speed, but it seems possible.  Also, all the comments Coulson made about ‘feeling a bit rusty’ and ‘too much iron in his blood’ – were they anvils to the head, or a fake-out by Whedon? I don’t want Coulson to be a ‘bot! You can’t mess with Coulson that much! (And he had somehow better be in the Winter Soldier. If only because he would be as giddy as a school girl and I think Cap would like to see him again. )

My favourites bit would have to be hands down when Coulson and the male agent were talking about ramming the barn door with the car, and Mae just kicked it down. I love her so very much (and from a safe distance, because she scares me just as much as she makes me love her.)

Also, can I just say that sometimes I feel guilty that I don’t like Hacker Girl? Like, because she’s female in a male dominated genre, I should be happy that they’ve got a female character in the spot-light and I should give her a chance to find her feet and grow as a character. And maybe I’m unconsciously sexist, and if it was a male playing the role I wouldn’t dislike them as much? But then I remember that I don’t like the male agent so I feel better. I have thoughts on guilt from not being sure if you’re not being politically correct enough, but that is for another time. Once in real life I had to say to someone – “No, I don’t dislike them because they’re (insert different race to mine), I dislike them because they’re a moron!”

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