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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Random items in no way related to each other.

I bloody well forgot my drink bottle today. I was half way to the bus stop when I realised, and looking back on what time I discovered I didn’t have it I probably did have time to turn back, but I would have cut it fine. Dammit! I should have risked it. I could have always driven my car! If I was a teenager this would be hash tagged #worstdayever, but since I am not a teenager, I can only grumble about it (and while I’m grumbling, my hip still aches since the fun run on Sunday! When did I get middle-aged?). As I’ve mentioned before, work is a 40 minutes drive outside of town, so you bring with you what you need food wise. There’s drinking water out here, but I find the cups are not   good size. You’re constantly getting up to re-fill the tiny tiny things. So I have two cups of water on the go today to cut down on trips to the kitchen. And even doing that I’ve managed to make 5 trips to the kitchen so far that are purely related to water, not tea or snack related and it’s only gone 10 am. It is going to be a very long day. It’s 4 pm now, and I am thirsty, but I am so sick of walking to the kitchen. I have started timing my jaunts to the kitchen to co-incide with toilet and food breaks, but I am over it. I’ll have a glass of water at 4:30 pm to saite me until I get home. And I shall buy an extra water bottle and keep it at work. Never again!!


I have a theory about wall paper. Wall paper goes out of style, when the next generation starts owning real estate and has the pain in the bottom of trying to get it off walls when they are renovating. I am speaking as someone who wanted to paint a room, and it took me three days to get the freaking decorative wallpaper frieze off the wall. It was like 6 inches wide! Not even that!! Three days!!!

Ahem. Then, when that generation has moved on and sold their houses to the next generation, the new generation sees photographs of wallpapered walls, and sighs over the elegance and style and sophistication of the designs, and plaster it up with no thought of the work involved later on down the track.

What I’m trying to say is – people, do yourself and people you don’t know and aren’t even born yet a favour and don’t wall paper. Hire someone to draw something pretty on your walls if you must have some sort of design. The next person to renovate the house will not curse you, and you’ll be giving to the community by employing a local artist. And, it will be one of a kind that every one will be incredibly jealous of.