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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is back on tonight, and this is definitely going to be the episode that has me either deciding whether to keep watching it, or whether I am done with it.

If they could just produce episodes that only feature Coulson and Mae, then I would keep watching. But the other four characters just shit me to tears. Why does the show need an “everyman” kind of character. If you are a fan of Marvel, you already know what to expect and you don’t need a character coming in to help you into the universe. The Avengers movie made over a billion dollars; cater to those fans. If you haven’t got someone by now, you aren’t going to get them. And fans of the Avengers don’t need The Science Sibs, they have the coolest Science Bros already in Bruce and Tony.

I don’t even care about the male agent. (I don’t even know his name, that’s how little I care.) Frankly, I find it hard to believe that he has higher clearance than Clint and Natasha. And after what the hacker girl (again, don’t know her name, don’t care to.) pulled the other week in betraying the team, I don’t understand how they can allow her to continue with her clearance. And she wasn’t even under mind control when she did that!

But if the creators of the show can’t see that what people want is to answer the playground question of “who would win in a fight? Mae or The Black Widow” then I can’t help them. (The answer to that, by the way, is everyone and no one. Because the fight would be so tremendously fantastic all infrastructure would cease so everyone could watch it in all of its entirety. Instead of the Olympics, it would be those two in a stadium fighting like gladiators. Until they band together … and then the world would just cease to exist. Period.)

Coulson would be in charge of snacks for everyone. And merchandise, because I’m sure that man would know what the people would want to spend their money on.

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Could you please cut tag for episode spoilers? :-) (I assume the hacker girl thing is one) Thank you! :-)

There's no trace of Agents of Shield on tv here yet, but it seems by the very moderate enthusiasm I see I don't need to be that impatient...

I do BTW enjoy your more frequent posting very much! :-)

Thank you! It is early days yet; I'm sure you will bored/annoyed with me before the end of November. ;-)

(But if there is anything you would like to see me go on about, please give me suggestions!)

Hmmm... I noticed that it is a typically Australian thing to say "No worries" (and it seems to be quite multi-purpose?). Can you think of other phrases or words that are characteristic? Are there any typical phrases or words from other English speaking countries that you noticed which wouldn't have occured to you to use?

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