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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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My Tree thanks to slodwick

I don’t mean to sound like I’m a grown-up or anything, but I’ve finally merged two of my three superannuation funds. I realise this may not sound like a great achievement, but trust me, it is. Whenever you start a new job, you get a new super fund (or at least, that’s how it’s been for me. Every company has their own set up and financial group they deal with.) and even though you give your super fund your tax file number, if you move and don’t tell the fund, they can’t find you and it goes to a lost super place. Now, call me crazy, but surely having put your tax file number (which is unique and your number for eternity) on the form, no matter what they should be able to find you. And that they would want to find you, as the more people who have sufficient super, the less strain on government funds when those people retire. Anyway, like I said, I have finally got off my behind tracked down some lost super, filled out all the paper, managed to track down a Justice of the Peace to also sign it saying that I am who I say I am, re-filled out all the paperwork when they sent it back to me because I hadn’t signed and dated one bit, and they couldn’t email it to me because they can only process originals, and today I got a letter in the mail saying it was done.

I really feel like I’ve accomplished great things today because of this. And I don’t mean great things like “finally finished a hard Suduko.” “I mean I feel like I”ve cured Gout or something.”