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2nd Annual 7km Country Hope Fun Run

Woke up this morning to the sound of random rain drops on my roof. I had a look outside, and it was definitely overcast. least it won’t be too hot when I “run”? Poached egg and toast eaten, shower takenen, nervous wees done and I was ready to go.

I picked Dino up from her place, and away we went to the start of the race! I always find it interesting that they have a warm-up session. I stretch before every race, but the warm-up sessions always have jogging in them. I’m sorry, but I only have 5 kms in me. (which is not optimal when you’re about to embark on a 7 km odyssy) I can’t waste an ounce of energy on getting ready.

Anyway, Dino, myself and Richard went to the starting line and we were ready to go. As Dino and I had participated last year, we had a goal to beat 75 minutes. Richard is young and does sport so we didn’t expect him to hang out with us for too long. We decided to run the first couple of hundred meters and then walk for a bit, and we achieved this first goal without a hitch! We were pretty happy to get that first goal, and even though Richard did pull away from us like we expected, we were having a good time. We kept alternating our running and walking by going telegraph pole to telegraph pole. I eventually made a break for it (I was listening to “Moves Like Jagger” that song makes you move.... maybe not like Jagger, but it did put a bit of oomph in my step.)

Dino caught up and passed me just before the halfway but that was cool. Like I said before, the only person I was worried about beating was me. I hoped she did well, and even though I couldn’t keep up with her, I was looking forward to see what she could do.

I enjoy running by myself. In fact, I was kind of glad Dino went ahead of me and I could run by myself. It’s hard to explain to people why I prefer to be solo. They think that since I live by myself, I would want the company when i’m running. The music keeps me moving, and since i have trouble breathing when I run, I really can’t manage talking to someone when I run.

But by keeping up with the excellent plan of “walk to one telegraph pole, run one telegraph pole, walk one telegraph pole” I managed to out last many of the participants.

And as my Smart phone loves me and the playlist is on shuffle, as I turned the corner to the finish line “Eye of the Tiger” started up. Sweet Mother of Pearl, why is this song not a National Anthem. I’m not even picky about which country uses it as it Anthem, but quite frankly someone should be. It is rousing, and so very inspirational. The moment it starts you want to raise your arms in victory. (And remembering Jensen Ackles little lip-synching out is pretty good as well. What I’m saying is it’s a bloody fantastic and brilliant song and the world is a better place because of it.) But anyway, “Eye of the Tiger” kicked in, the final corner was turned and I could see the finish line! I started to run and I didn’t stop until I leapt through the gate (oh yeah, I leapt. It was a moment that felt as if it would only be improved with leaping. And it was.)

Dino and Richard were waiting for me at the finish line, and after I crossed it, Dino told me my time.

I had run the race in 66 minutes.

9 minutes faster than last year.

Dino did the course in 61 minutes (that sounds faster than 1 hour and 1 minute) and Richard did the course in 39 minutes (but again, he is young and plays sport.)

The point is, we kicked arse. And more importantly, we didn’t feel as though our bodies had been used as fodder for footballers during practise. Yes, there are a few aches, but last year we stumbled over the finish line, sat down on the ground, and needed someone to come help us back up. This year there was none of that. I started stretching straight away, which helped immensely and we both walked around for a bit to make sure we didn’t seize up. Here’s a hint for any one who is not at all sporty; don’t immediately stop afterwards. It’s the sudden stopping that will hurt your body. (Then again, if ask me tomorrow after I wake up and try to get out of bed - or better yet, try to get up the stairs on the work bus! - and see if I’m still okay or if I’ve seized up like a broken down tractor)

So that is that for the annual 7 kilometre fun run in town. Next year we have even better times to beat. (Dino REALLY wants to get under an et about 63 minutes so I average a 9 minute km.)

That’s it for fun run for this year. Next week I have the Relay for Life to get through, and hopefully that will be that for a while. I need to remember to borrow a swag before then so I’m not sleeping on the ground without covering. I have already signed up for a Colour Run in February which will be pretty cool. That is a 5 k-er, but I don’t think you can count it as a real race. More like a foot party. So far I think I’ve got four, possibly 5, friends coming with me to Canberra for it which will be excellent. It looks like the kind of thing you need to do in a large group of friends. We are umming and ahhing about getting white capes made. They would be awesome (and may make us run faster. Though I doubt it. Can’t hurt though!)
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