Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

Obligatory Running Post

Tomorrow I am doing another fun run.

This one is 7 kilometers, which is going to hurt like the dickens. At least this time around I will be better prepared. Last year for the 7 k run I wore a pair of $10 converse, denim three-quarter shorts, carried my handbag the whole way and I didn’t have breakfast, and walked to the race and walked home. Dino and I managed to do the course in 75-ish minutes, and I don’t think either of us could walk properly for three weeks. I’m pretty sure we (well, more likely me) did some damage to my legs, knees and hips.

This year, however, I am way more prepared. For starters, I’ve been practicing running. I know! Who would have thought?!?! I’ve also bought a pair of proper running shoes - shoes that were designed for running even! - I’ve got a pair of tracksuit pants (they are also three-quarter length, but that’s because I am not a 12 year old and like to cover my thighs. Or maybe I am just of the last generation that thought that you didn’t need to parade around showing all your flesh.) I’ve got a shirt I bought purely for running in, I’ve got a sports bra and I cannot tell you how much of a difference that can make!, and clothing wise to top it off I’ve got a baseball cap. Food wise I’ve planned to have a poached egg on whole grain toast - protein and carbs are my friends. They should see me through to the finish line. (I’m also driving to the race. Which seems silly but after doing 7 kilometres walking home is really hard.) I’m also going to take my swimmers, as the race ends next to the pool and by crikey I think I will have earned a relaxing swim. (And I bought new swimmers yesterday, and I actually like them, and didn’t just buy them because I needed them.)

So this run will be my third fun run for the year, and my fourth for my life. This one I’m nervous about - this race is the first run I did, and it’s the same course so I really want to see how much I’ve improved since then. Well, to be honest, I just want to have improved. If there isn’t much difference, I’’m going to be disappointed in myself. I’ve been trying so hard to become a runner, and while I’m still really REALLY crap at it, I can do more than I used to. I’ve got my posture good, and my feet go up and down like they’re supposed to (and I don’t roll my ankles! In fact, I haven’t rolled my ankles since I started running. So maybe I’ve strengthened my joints?) I still need to work on my breathing. I can’t manage the breathing part that’s important to the running, which is ironic because I’ve been breathing WAY longer than I’ve been running. The thing of it is that I can’t breath deep enough. I’ve got friends who know what they’re doing, so I really need to get off my arse and ask them to “coach” me so to speak. Breathing is way harder than you are expecting it to be. As long as I beat 75 mins for my time I’ll be happy. I’m very, kinda, sorta confident that I can get in the 70 - 74 minute area. I would really love to do it in less than 70 minutes but I haven’t got my hopes up. Anything less than 75. I should be at the finish line by 9:10. And if I’m not back before the 75 minute mark.....then I do it in more than 75 minutes. I’ll be disappointed, but I will just work harder, and finally ask for help and see if someone can check my technique. Life won’t be over. There are worse things that can happen.

I’m still so surprised at how much I enjoy running. I mean, sure, I’m completely crap at it, but I’m okay with just how crap I am. The only person I am competiting against is me, and that helps. There are other people running in fun runs around me, but I put my earphones in, press start on the Zombies app on my phone and go. I walk more than I run, but I’m running more now, and tomorrow I’’ll run a little bit more, and next week I’ll run a little bit more.

I’ve just finished up-dating my playlist for the fun run. The most important thing about the playlist to to have a good mix of fast music (Moves Like Jagger), and inspirational music (We Are The Champions), and if you’re really lucky a song that is both fast and inspirational (Eye Of The Tiger). I asked my friends on FaceBook for their suggestions, and their songs definetly helped for the Forbes run, and since this one is 2 kilometres longer, I’ve added to it and now the playlist is a full hour long. With the commentary by the Zombie app, that should get me all the way around. I’ve added some Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera and the theme to The Big Bang Theory (because that is fast and only 1 minute 45 seconds so I should be able to run the whole shebang.)

I even have those ear plugs that fit around your ear so they can’t fall out while you’re moving. Oh yeah, I’m that hard core. They are also incredibly comfortable.


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