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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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My Tree thanks to slodwick
I got home about an hour ago after completing my latest fun run. It was another 5 kilometres, and while I haven't gotten my final time yet, I definitely got under an hour, and I came very close to 50 minutes or maybe even under. But until I get the official time, here are the important stats:

Number of fun runs completed in the last 12 months: 3
Number of fun runs completed in the 36 years previous: 0
First song: More than a Feeling - Boston
Number of times swooped by a magpie: Twice.
Number of magpies trying to end my life: 1
Number of flies captured by my mouth: 1
Number of flies released by my mouth: 0
About the kilometre mark where I had had enough: 3 km
About when "Eye of the Tiger" kicked in: 30 seconds after I had enough.
When I got my second wind: 5 seconds after "Eye of the Tiger" kicked in.
Song that played when I was coming up to the finish line: "We are the Champions" - Queen. (And I didn't even plan this! My playlist just loved me and wanted me to come home hard.)

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(Deleted comment)
You made me blush. Thank you!

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