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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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A very productive weekend
My Tree thanks to slodwick
It's a Long Weekend here in Australia, and what have I done?

*Got a hair cut and had my grey's covered.

* Had a friend over for dinner  (Pasta with caralmised onion, kale and walnuts. VERY yummy.) and we caught up on Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries and Sleepy Hollow.

*Finally watched Dredd

*Made 5 jars of Tomato Chilli Relish. (There is a chance I have put in too much chilli. But the last time I thought that everyone said I hadn't put in enough so when I give it out as thank you's and gifts still I'll warn them just in case.)

* Cleaned and re-organised the pantry.

The best thing about cleaning and reorganising the pantry, is that for the next month or so I've probably halved my grocery bill. I have doubled up on so many many things. The worst thing about cleaning and reorganising the pantry is realising that I've wasted so much money doubling up on foods.

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(Deleted comment)
What did you think of Dredd?
I ..... enjoyed it. I say that hesitantly because I only rented it because it had Mr. Urban in it, and I'm not too good with blood and violence in my shows (says the girl who enjoys Game Of Thrones, True Blood and Walking Dead. I am complicated like that,) I thought all the actors did a brilliant job (MaMa was creepy in a way that was just creepy.) , and I liked the story-line. Never have I enjoyed looking at a man's frown/chin as much as I did with this. I hope there is a sequel, as I would watch it.

This is one of the reasons I have not yet been brave enough to sort mine out. :/ Oh, I have been putting this off for about a year, and I am kicking myself now. I am now the "proud" owner of three unopened bags of Polenta, and don't ask how much self-raising flour I have bought recently. I shall be googling recipes later to start using things up. (Also, jalapenos. Why do I have so very many jalapenos??!?!?!)

(Deleted comment)
Ah, one of the bonus' of wearing glasses, is you can slide them down your nose a bit, and everything on screen goes blurry enough that while you know what is happening, you don't know what is happening. :-) I had figured it would be violence - that was one of the reasons I hadn't watched it yet - but it wasn't too bad. The Slo-Mo violence did get a bit much; especially the last bit in the movie.

And petition is signed. :-)

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