Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

A very productive weekend

It's a Long Weekend here in Australia, and what have I done?

*Got a hair cut and had my grey's covered.

* Had a friend over for dinner  (Pasta with caralmised onion, kale and walnuts. VERY yummy.) and we caught up on Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries and Sleepy Hollow.

*Finally watched Dredd

*Made 5 jars of Tomato Chilli Relish. (There is a chance I have put in too much chilli. But the last time I thought that everyone said I hadn't put in enough so when I give it out as thank you's and gifts still I'll warn them just in case.)

* Cleaned and re-organised the pantry.

The best thing about cleaning and reorganising the pantry, is that for the next month or so I've probably halved my grocery bill. I have doubled up on so many many things. The worst thing about cleaning and reorganising the pantry is realising that I've wasted so much money doubling up on foods.

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