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My Tree thanks to slodwick

Anonymously Famous

Don't Call Me Kevie

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Only 8 posts away -
Awesome Gaius
I've just realised that I've only got about 8 posts until I've reached 1000 posts. So for my 1000th post, I will answer any and all questions:

Post 5 - 10 questions that you've always wanted to know my thoughts on. (Or you've just thought of, and it will amuse you to see what I say.) When I hit 1000, that post will be all the questions and answers.

(Even if you've randomly come across this post on a friend's list, ask away. I'm game.)

Comments will be screened so no one will know what has been asked of me. Religion or Politics. Music or Movies. Television or books. Ask and ye shall receive an answer! (In 8 posts time.)