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Too far??
What the?
The town I live in does a 'festival' (and I use that term so incredibly loosely) where they 'celebrate' (again, loosely) a country. Last year was France, and this year is Sweden.
It's...well the only word you can describe is it's a little bit special.

This year, one of the contests they're having - in honour of it being a festival all on Sweden - is to have a Best Girl with a Dragon Tattoo competition.

Now, is it just me, or does that sound as though someone hasn't read the book and/or seen the movie? We can't tell if the competition is for the girl with the best dragon tattoo, or for the person who dresses up the best as Lisbeth. Either way, there's a few of us that are concerned it may not be in the best of taste due to that scene. Which, I know doesn't make up the entire book, but that scene stays with you in ways that aren't pleasant. And the first thing we all thought of when we saw the competition was that scene.

But yes, let's have that competition. Because it's Swedish! (Is it too soon to apologise to anyone who wakes up late October feeling offended and have no idea why?)