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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Non-spoilery review for The Great Gatsby
My Tree thanks to slodwick
* I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. VERY pleasantly surprised.

* I firmly believe that Leonardo DiCaprio will be seen as the greatest actor of my generation. (And this movie has done nothing to change that opinion)

* The clothes! Oh the clothes!!

* But more importantly, the women's millinery!!!!!!!!

* The soundtrack was amazeballs. Modern day songs done in a 1920's way. Very nice.

* The problem with films made in Australia is I always get distracted by background/ very minor characters trying to work out where I know them from. (Oh hi Jack Thompson!! Happy to see you there Vince Colosimo!!)

* As someone who doesn't normally like Baz Luhrmann movies - I got car sick watching Moulin Rouge! - I recommend watching this.

(Or, it's way better the Star Trek Into Darkness, so go see this instead if Iron Man 3 is full.)

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(Deleted comment)
I wasn't going to go and see in until a friend and I were trying to work out something to do for a catch-up and she suggested it. If you can see it, see it. To try and put the brilliance of DiCaprio another way - I didn't find myself missing Redford at any stage.

I didn't mind the book, but it has been a while since I have read it. And I don't know if it's because I had forgotten some important parts or not, but for the first time I didn't like Daisy. And though Gatsby was a bit of a creeper. But that just made it better. More human and more flawed.

I'm glad you enjoyed IM3! That is such a fun movie. (My favourite scene is still the Barrel of Monekeys and what happens immediately afterwards.)

If you can wait until Star Trek is on DVD, you won't be kicking yourself. Although Scotty and Bones are the best characters in it. (But yes, if it comes down to a choice, Gatsby first.)

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