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My thoughts on the Doctor Who season final
What's on the box
(But that isn’t a rave review. I’ve found the other episodes odd.). It raised a few more questions for me though, like why does the TARDIS hate Clara so much? If Clara is the one that made sure the Doctor chose that TARDIS, then surely that would make the TARDIS like her. (Or perhaps because Idris had said that she had chosen the Doctor, maybe she didn’t like Clara re-writing that?) And The doctor trying to save Clara. He can’t save Clara because she saves him. He’s changing his time line too much trying to save her. (and the poor girl had no choice but go in. She had to go into his timeline, because she had already gone into his timeline. Time travel is confusing.) Surely the splinters of Clara have become fixed points in time?

And who was the lady who gave “real” Clara the Doctor’s phone number in “The Bells of St John”? I originally thought it was River, but maybe it was Clara. But surely Clara would have recognized herself?

Also, any episode that has Strax, Jenny and Lady Vastra in it is always one I like. I adore Strax! I especially love the idea of him going to Glasgow on holidays so he can kill pleasant peasants, and the peasants enjoying his company. I wonder if you can get a Strax ringtone for your phone? That would be brilliant.

I loved the River was in it, and it was River who was dead, but I’m really jack of The Doctor not telling companions about other companions. Especially when it comes to River. Liked how they did all the doctors in it; and I really liked how when Clara was in that place at the end and all the doctors ran past. I didn’t take any notice though of if there was an outfit I hadn’t seen before, to signify the doctor after 11 (But there totally should be since Eleven said it held all his regenerations, so I may need to rewatch that bit). I’m assuming that once there is Twelve, they’ll go back to this episode and tweak it to include him/her/it.

I’m looking forward to John Hurt! He is a good mix of doctors, as I’m assuming he’s between 8 and 9. So he has the “cragginess” of 8, and almost the outfit of 9, but he doesn’t interfere with their timelines. And if his ‘war crimes’ were so bad he wasn’t The Doctor during them, it puts a whole new slant on 9. It means he had to make the conscious decision to become The Doctor again, and why he runs so much from war, and agonized about fighting. There is a good chance that if John Hurt does a brilliant job, 9 will end up being my favourite doctor, purely because of his immediate back story.

The FX team should get an award for the way all the doctors and Clara fitted together. That was really well done!

I was disappointed in The Whispermen. I was expecting something along the lines of The Silence in terms of scariness, and I found them slightly wanting. For me, The Weeping Angels (not the New York ones. The New York ones were stupid. And The Statue of Liberty is not an angel.), the Silence and the monster we never saw but made that lady repeat everything everyone said (The "Midnight" episode) are the scariest monster/aliens they’ve had.

I’m back to looking forward to the 50th anniversary episode now.

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I have a theory on Clara, she is opposite of Jack. The TARDIS didn't like him after he became a fixed point in time, she on the other hand is scattered through time so the TARDIS has a similar dislike of her.

I am excited about what the 50th Anniversary as well. I am curious about what they are going to do with John Hurt.

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