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Non-spoilery review for Star Trek Into Darkness
No time for this McCoy
It was alright.

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Not the most rousing of endorsements. :-/

It took me a while to write that non-spoilery review! In fact, that was my third attempt. I'm glad I saw it, but I won't be buying the DVD.
There was a lot I didn't like, there was 20 minutes I did like (near the end. After you see someone you weren't expecting to see). I didn't clap once (which is unusual for me. I clapped a couple of times in Iron Man 3 and The Avengers and I'm pretty sure I clapped at least once in the first Star Trek reboot movie.) But....yeah. I just really want them to start exploring the universe to and stop blowing things up.

When in doubt, blow things up. That's the movie industry's credo, and, goodness knows, the audience never gets tired of that, now do they? ::sigh:: Hopefully, Abrams, et al. will be more creative for the new Star Wars? Maybe?? ;-)

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