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Book I've read #1
I love books
The title is supposed to mean an actual book (that's not fanfic I've downloaded to my kindle) I've read in 2013. I'm trying to up my 'grown-up' reading. (At no stage will I be reading 50 Shades of Crap Grey)

Anyway, I saw a review for this, and grabbed it, and I think a few people around the place would appreciate knowing the book is out there and giving it a read..

It's called Eugenia by Mark Tedeschi QC. It's the true story about Eugenia Falleni - an Italian immigrant living in Australia in the 1800's. What makes this such an interesting book is Eugenia was a transgender individual who over the course of their life married two women, and was accused of murdering their first wife.

There were places I found the writing uneven, but reading about the times she lived as a man, how he handled people knowing, how she coped when he* wasn't able to live as a man is's hard to put into words the best way to describe it. Throughout the book I felt lonely. Eugenia had such a burden carrying the knowledge, and quite a few people knew the truth, so that was hanging over their head all the time.

But yes, if you're looking for a book to read that shows you how far we've come (and really, how far we haven't come at the same time) I recommend giving this book a look-through.

*The use of different pronouns there is deliberate. The author uses whatever pronoun Eugenia is living for the time being discussed. Which should be confusing, but isn't.


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