Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

A good start to the new year

Can I just say that last night I had the most wonderful time. I had a low key BBQ and drinks to welcome in the new year, and invited about 7 people around. One had to be at work today at 6am, so to make sure he didn't miss out, we celebrated NZ's NYE at 10pm (since they are two hours ahead of us), and once we had lit the sparklers and popped some confetti poppers my friend was more than okay to go home at a reasonable hour and not feel like he was missing out. And we had the added bonus of having 'a practice run' so to speak.

The night finished up about 0130am. The majority of people were moving on to another friend's place, but as I said to them - I had had a great night, and I think one more drink would be the drink to topple me from "waking up with only the slightest of headaches" to " laying on the bathroom floor whimpering 'Why?!?! What have I done to deserve this?!?!" And I was indeed correct - woke up at 6am feeling quite fine. The backyard is cleaned up, I've got most of the washing up done, garbage has been put out, and all that is left to do today is relax.

The mix of people was perfect. It was a low-key and everyone got along and it was just nice. My ideal way to celebrate the new year and to farewell the old.

I had a look at the ones I made for 2012, and I think I only had a success rate of something like 30 - 40%. So this year I am only making two hard and fast resolutions (the usual, get healthy, save money, etc I'll try to do, but I'm not going to get to the end of the year and beat myself up if I haven't.)

Resolution 1: Be happy at the end of more days than I am not. I read this thing somewhere (maybe facebook) where you should write on a piece of paper good things that happen to you and put them in a jar. Then at the end of the year, you open the jar up and hopefully your memory has been jolted to all the things that made the year worthwhile. That sounds like a nice thing to do.

Resolution 2: Learn all the words to the song "I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major General." It's something I've always wanted to do, and I see no reason why I should not. And once I have learnt all the words, I want to learn the song in a different language. I don't want to learn a new language; just the words to the song. Seriously, the idea of being able to sing this in French or Portuguese or (and this is my most secret and fervent wish) Elvish or klingon at the drop of a hat would absolutely make my year. Nay, decade.
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