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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Happy New YEAR!!!!!!!
2012 resolution post
It's December 31 here, and while I'm taking a small breather before my friends turn up for a BBQ, I want to wish you and yours a most excellent 2013.

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Do something wildly fun and daring. Smile at small kids and always wave if they wave at you. (Also, poke your tongue out at them as often as you can. You'd be surprised the joy you get from doing that.)

Wear odd socks.

2012; you were a good year. Admittedly I've had better, but the world didn't end so that's in your favour. Here's to 2013 being even bigger and greater.
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Happy new year! :-)

(Will think about starting to do the tongue thing. ;-) )

Hear hear! Happy New Year to you! Enjoy the BBQ! :-)

Happy New Year. I'll be happier when it's less ickily hot, I must say.

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