Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

So on Thursday at work I spelled February correctly first go without looking it up, or a computer giving me a suggestion. February has always been a word I've struggled with, and getting that right on Thursday, and finally having definitely down pat as well I was feeling pretty confident in life.

And so on Thursday night I began my quest to make red velvet cheesecake chocolate balls. Sunday afternoon and the finished product is chilling in fridge (I had stuff to do yesterday - one of which featured a French Dalek - so I couldn't finish them yesterday).

They weren't as hard as a was expecting. Some parts were slightly fiddly, and the amount of cake that ended up all through the kitchen when I was putting the red velvet cake mix around the cheesecake part was ridiculous, but hopefully it will be a treat for everyone at work.

So I wrote the above on Sunday afternoon, and completely forgot it about until today. Anyway, I took them into work today and I can say that they were a complete hit. T even had two, and he is not a sweet toothed person, so I'm taking that as a very very good sign. M got a knife and sliced hers up, so she could take a photo of the inside (she wanted to show off to someone who was on holidays) Once I work out how to get the photo off my phone and into my lap-top I'll share.

But yes; just from a small thing like spelling February right first go resulted in a culinary masterpiece. Just wait until I spell gaurentee guarentee... well, when I get that word right I can't even begin to imagine what I'll be able to achieve then!
Tags: cooking

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